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Who is Claudia?

I am a beekeeper. And a novelist. And a wife. And a dog mommy. And a friend. And a sister. And a French Intensive gardener. And a neighbor. And a ghost hunter. And….

I live in Central Denver in one of those 100 year old not-quite-craftsman-not-really-a-kit house.

If you want to know all the quirky details check out my weblog: On A Limb with Claudia.

When does the story end? (10/16/08)

There is no ending. Story lines will wrap up but overall, the characters grow and mature with the story.

Am I in this story?


Well, mostly no. The characters are fictional unless they are not. Denver is a real place, filled with real people. Denver Cereal will not be limited to only fictional characters. The beauty of the blog format is that the story can respond to things that are going on in real time. Real people live in real time.

The following businesses are in the Denver Cereal, Volume 1:

  • 5280 Magazine
  • Annie’s Cafe
  • Art of Gold
  • Belcaro Paints
  • Children’s Hospital at St. Joseph’s
  • Denver Health
  • East High School
  • Fat Tire Ale
  • Frontier Airlines
  • Luxe Salon
  • Herbs and Arts
  • Pasquini’s Uptown
  • Pete’s Kitchen
  • Royal Crest Dairy
  • Sushi Sasa
  • Snooze
  • Store of Lingerie
  • The Denver Art Museum
  • The Denver Zoo
  • The Dumb Friend’s League
  • The Funky Buddha
  • The Wynkoop
  • Walgreen’s pharmacy staff

The following people are in the Denver Cereal, Volume 1:

  • Cindy Johnson
  • Diane Radman, JD
  • Dustin Kidder
  • George Arias
  • Jessie Dillard
  • Jon Schlegel
  • Mayor John Hickenlooper
  • Michael Moore
  • Thao Howell
  • Valerie Waters

I’d like to be in Denver Cereal. (July 1, 2008)

Wanna be a character? Just email Claudia. If you fit the story, I’ll include you. As of September, 2009, we don’t have an advertising program in place.

Why can’t I leave a comment?

Personally? I love comments. I love to interact with people and welcome any sharing of ideas. Nothing makes me happier than to see a new comment or meet a new commenter.

For this project, I want people to read and enjoy without the pressure of responding on a daily basis. I’ll leave comments open on the Chapter post at Stories By Claudia and On a Limb. So if comments are your thing, you comment to your hearts content on Saturday.

If you have something to say, just send me an email.

Why are you doing this?

Without going into the existential reasons for doing things, I like serial fiction. I read Tales of the City and Sex in the City for years. I like the daily 300-400 words where you get to follow great characters through their lives in relatively real time.

I wrote, “Showed up in Boots”, in the early months of 2007 and loved these characters. I forced myself to leave them alone because I was trying to only write a short story (instead of a novel). After working on a weekly serial (The Driver), I realized that Jill, Jacob, Trevor, and Katy could have a whole life in a serial. Delighted, I dusted them off in June, 2008. I reworked, “Showed up in Boots” (Chapters 1-3), and Denver Cereal was born.

What’s up with the name?

Denver Cereal is a serial fiction set in Denver, Colorado. It’s called Denver Cereal for few reasons:

  • The characters eat a lot of cereal.
  • It’s a serial fiction. See! Cool play on words… right?
  • Oh, and it’s set in Denver, Colorado. That’s where the “Denver” part of the name comes from.

Are there really coal tunnels under the city of Denver? (August 19, 2008)


I haven’t seen a map. I know from personal experience that they run under from the train tracks in Lower downtown, throughout Capital Hill, the Castle’s neighborhood (Race and Colfax) up to the Museum of Nature and Science. Denver was heated by coal, delivered through the tunnels, until the coal strike and the introduction of natural gas.

The tunnels were used to move the bodies from Cheesman cemetery in the creation of Cheesman Park. They are said to be haunted. Due to their tunnel access, and proximity to the park, many of the old houses were used as storage sites for corpses on their way to relocation. While it’s unlikely that the Celia’s Castle was used for this purpose, it’s not impossible.

To my knowledge, there is no public access to these tunnels.

But you didn’t answer MY question!

Send me an email. I’ll reply in person and add your question to this list. However, if you’re rude or offensive, I’ll ignore you. I do that in life. Why wouldn’t I do that on the Internet?


Thanks for taking your time to read and engage.


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