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Whoops -- here's the right section -- Chapter Six Hundred-two: Dinner with Alex and John (part three)


(part three)

“I… well, it sounds so strange,” Nelson started.

Nelson anxiously looked around the room. Blane took over.

“Have you heard of the lost hoard of the Templars?” Blane asked.

“Who hasn’t?” Alex asked with a laugh. John nodded.

“Nelson is the only male heir of Saint Bernard,” Blane continued.

“Of the Templars?” Alex asked. Her eyebrows shot up and her mouth widened in a grin. “Really?”

“Family legacy,” Blane said. He looked at Nelson but Nelson was still too anxious so Blane continued. “Nelson can tell you all about it, he’s just upset and anxious.”

“Why?” John asked. “What’s going on with you, Nelson?”

“I…” Nelson shrugged. “I’ve known about the treasure all of my life. I was never going to deal with it. Why bother? My father always said, but after Poland…”

“The mine,” John said.

Nelson nodded and continued, “It seems that there were other objects in that mine. Dark objects. Nazi black magic. Or whatever.”

“Did you know about this?” John asked.

Alex shook her head.

“I have a message that Seth wants to talk to me,” Alex said. “But I’ve been working.”

Alex shrugged.

“Seth and I often have things to talk about,” Alex said with a smile.

John nodded. She looked at Blane and Nelson.

“Seth is a part of a group that finds bodies and brings them home to their loved ones,” Alex said. “My team and I help them when we can. John and I have gone on trips to help find remains.”

John and Alex nodded.

“Please,” John said, “We interrupted.”

Blane glanced at Nelson and Nelson gestured for Blane to continue.

“Seth and the rest now think that the Nazis found out about the salt mine,” Blane continued. “When they came upon object that they could not control, they stuck them in the mine. One of those is dangerous to the world.”

“Dangerous to the world?” Alex asked.

“Heather told me that it can absorb the fuel of the sun,” Blane said. “Put out the light.”

“Whoa,” Alex and John said in near unison.

“I have always known that there’s an object in the hoard called the ‘Adam’s Apple,’” Nelson said. “It’s supposed to be a very large red ruby or something like it. It seems that it is the counter object to this sun killing thing. The two are neutralized if they are together. But the Templars stole the ruby and somehow the light extinguisher ended up with the Nazis.”

Nelson stopped talking. He waited a few minutes until Alex and John looked up at him again.

“I need to take a quest to this hoard,” Nelson said. “I am allowed one human warrior. Female. To protect me.”

Nelson’s mouth was instantly dry. He licked his lips and took a drink of his ice water.

“Ava said that you were the best person,” Nelson said nodding to Alex. “I… well, I thought I’d put the entire crazy thing out in front of you and see what you thought.”

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