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Who killed the Templars?


We haven’t done this in a while.

Let’s have some fun!

Who do you think killed the Templars?

Here’s the set up —

  • Forty armed Templars went into the abandoned garage where they had gotten dress.
  • The door had just closed when Gando Peaches and his nineteen other ex-military arrive as the door closes.The police arrive right after the men on horse back.
  • No one goes into the garage.
  • When the police breach the door to the garage everyone is dead.
  • They found no perpetrator inside.
  • They saw no perpetrator leave.

Here are some options of what might have happened:

  • A vengeful Navajo God came to exact revenge upon these Catholic warriors.
  • The Catholic Church is once again killing Templars.
  • They went mad due to (fill in the blank)
  • Or….

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I’ll select a random person to win a signed copy of the Denver Cereal book in paperback of their choice.

Have at it!

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