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I can't decide! I need your help! or Update on who killed the Templars.

Oh bother! I can’t decide who killed the Templars!!

I need your help! (Survey)

Here’s a list of the things people have suggested:

  • Blane took a sword. The missing sword has been used by the God of War
  • Not having the sword broke all promises and the other swords went crazy.
  • A Navajo God
  • Loki did it to prove his love for Heather/Hedone
  • Navajo Skinwalker (shape shifter)
  • A combination of the sword Blane took and the Navajo Nation
  • The missing sword caused the protection to be removed. The ghosts of those killed by the Templars (or by their blades) took its revenge. (Ghost Army)
  • Nelson’s mother killed everyone in revenge.
  • Nayenezgani, “Slayer of Alien Gods”, was enraged because they were reining terror on the Navajo lands.
  • The Catholic Church realized they had missed a few Templars and killed them off.
  • The swords refused to be used against Nelson and rebelled.
  • Chaos, the father of the Titans, is unleashed on the Templars.

Please. If you can help, I’d really appreciate it.

Go to this link to take a very short survey to help out. I’ll let you know what wins!

Thanks so much!


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