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Hot Sulphur Springs -- Denver Cereal V18 is here!

Hot Sulphur Springs, Denver Cereal V18

Hot Sulphur Springs, Denver Cereal, Volume 18 will be released on December 15 (Kindle); December 22 (Everywhere else.)

What happens in Hot Sulphur Springs?

When Abi says it’s times, Delphie leads a team to the Fire of Hell in Leadville. The prehistoric vent hole connects to the Marlowe Mine. Jacob takes Yvonne, Gilfand, and Abi down into this incredible mine.

While Delphie, Sam, and Maresol hold vigil above, Jacob and Yvonne fight a true monster and rescue a terrified child. In the meantime, they save the world only to be saved by their own actions.

Hot Sulphur Springs is one part action adventure and one part fantasy. Quirky characters appear to help out or annoy. Fairy Queens arrive just in time to throw temper tantrums. An Archangel appears when needed and three fairy envoys make a nusense of themselves.

Hot Sulphur Springs is quintessential Denver Cereal with great relationships and filled with action where fantasy, paranormal, and everyday life connect to make the world called Denver Cereal. Started in 2008, Denver Cereal is one of the longest serial fictions ever written and published.


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The next Denver Cereal book will be published in 2019. Thank you for reading and supporting Denver Cereal through your purchase of the book!

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