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Denver Cereal, Volume 1, Chapter Twenty-six: There is something you could do (part four)


(part four)

After stuffing Jill full of pancakes, eggs, bacon, and sausage, Mike took her to an ATM. He gave her three hundred dollars from his account and another three hundred dollars from Valerie’s account. He would have taken the maximum from their joint account as well, but Jill was freaked out about six hundred dollars. They yelled back and forth at each other with all the heat and intensity of close siblings.

Finally, Jill said very simply, “Thank you. I really need this money.”

And Mike laughed.

Mike knew Jill was excited to see Jacob again, so he let her out at his artist’s studio. He was parking the car at the workshop when he received a call from Jacob.

Without giving it another thought, Mike drove to Denver Health. Wearing a sling and a neck brace, Jacob waited for him just inside the doors. Mike ran to the passenger door to help Jacob into the Bronco.

“Pissed off?” Mike asked.

“Very,” Jacob said. “Sorry to bug you for a ride.”

“Not a problem,” Mike said. “Everyone thought you were waking up at four.”

“What am I supposed to do? Wait around until I evolve?” Jacob bristled at his interaction with the Nasty Nurse. “And who the fuck is everyone?”

They drove in silence down Speer Boulevard to Fourteenth Street. They stopped at the traffic light at Logan.

“Guess that’s Jill’s soul mate,” Jacob said. He pointed down Logan to the bride and groom coming out of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception on Colfax. “God, Jill must be devastated.”

“She didn’t say anything.” Mike shrugged.

“What’s she going to say?” Jacob hit the dashboard and groaned. “Fuck.”

“Careful, lover boy,” Mike said. “You don’t want to go back to the hospital.”

“Where are you going?” Jacob asked when Mike drove past Race Street.

“Workshop? The Mayor hasn’t figured a way to get rid of the paparazzi,” Mike said.

Jacob frowned at Mike. He had no idea what Mike was talking about but was too angry to find out. Mike pulled into the workshop. He helped Jacob out of the Bronco.

“Did you get your prescriptions?”

“Ah fuck!” Jacob exclaimed. “I have to get those filled.”

“I can get them if you …”

“I haven’t used my drug insurance. I have to go. Fuck!”

“Come on. You probably need condoms anyway.”


Mike laughed.

The retelling of Denver Cereal, Volume 1, continues tomorrow…

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