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Denver Cereal, Volume 1, Chapter Twenty-six: There is something you could do (part six)


(part six)

“I think Katy’s napping,” Mike said.

They worked their way through the tunnels.


Mike opened the door to the kitchen.

“You’re really acting strange,” Mike said.

“Sorry, man, I just need to be home. Catch you later?” Jacob asked.


Jacob made his way up the back stairwell to his apartment. He noticed the warm pumpkin color on the walls. He’d always dreamed that Jill would decorate his living space the way she had fixed up that hole she lived in. Looking at the walls, he sighed.

Like he ever had a chance with Jill. Mike must have had some time on his hands.

Fuck. Why can a cretin like Trevor get, and keep, a girl as amazing as Jill?

At least he was finally home. Shaking his head at his own temper, he flipped open his apartment door. Another night wondering what the fuck was wrong with him.

He noticed the soft yellow walls first. Then the little girl curled up in his favorite armchair. He blinked.

That’s Katy.

Taking a step into the room, he saw her.


Her feet swung back and forth. Her round behind rose off the bed like a brilliant half moon. He heard his blood pump in his ears. He wasn’t sure why she hadn’t noticed him.

And he didn’t care why she was there.

In two swift steps, he moved across the floor. He had to touch her. He had to make sure she was real and not just some dumb fantasy.

Standing just behind her feet, he watched her behind rise and lower with her swinging feet. He stretched his right hand and stroked the side of her foot.

Jill rolled over with his touch. She pulled the iPod earbuds from her ears. With the smile on her face, his memory returned. She jumped up from the bed to hold him.

“I thought you were a dream,” he said.

She tilted her head and smiled at him. “Let me get dressed.”

“Please don’t.”

“You need to lie down,” she said.

“Would you mind helping me?”

Jill helped him out of his clothing. He refused a T-shirt or underwear. She helped him into bed and slipped in next to him. Lying on her side, her hand stroked his chest.

“Seems like you have something on your mind,” she said.

“Since the moment I saw your beautiful behind on my bed,” he said. “I just don’t think I can …”

“I asked the doctor. He said it wouldn’t hurt you.”

Her hand stroked his thighs.

“This has to be a dream.”

Reaching, she grabbed a condom from the bedside table drawer. She slipped on top of him.

“Where did those come from?” he asked.

“I was hoping …” She slipped the condom on him.

“Now I know this is a dream.”

“What would convince you?” she asked.

She wrapped herself around him. Very gently, very slowly, they built in intensity. Their lips were locked when Jill began to release against him. Unable to resist her pull, he followed in a solid burst. Jill rolled to the bed.


“I’ve died and gone to heaven.”

The retelling of Denver Cereal, Volume 1, continues tomorrow…

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