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Denver Cereal, Volume 1, Chapter Twenty-one: Where you belong (part two)


(part two)

“Why don’t you come with me today?” Sam asked. “I spend Saturdays going from site to site. You could come along with me. You’d learn a little bit about our business. Maybe you won’t feel so strange.”

“Is there a lot of walking? I tried to shop and couldn’t really do that.”

“No,” Sam said. “Do you need to rest?”

Jill shook her head. “I think I’ve slept more this week than I have all of my life.”

“I need to say goodbye to Ruth. Why don’t I meet you here in ten minutes?”

“Oh, that’s why you’re here … you and Delphie?”

“I live here,” Sam said. “I have a room on the ground floor. We’ve just missed each other this week. But, to answer your question, Delphie and I are seeing each other. We have for the last few years.”

“What about your wife and kids?”

“Surely you know that my children live at the Castle, Jill. As for Tiffanie? My marriage-in-name-only will end soon. Thank God.”

Sam looked toward the door, where Delphie stood in her bathrobe. He stood to hold her. They were still talking when Jill returned from Jacob’s apartment where she and Katy were staying. Delphie hugged Jill and went back to her apartment.

Because Valerie made a big show of leaving for the mountains, the paparazzi had retreated from the Castle. Sam and Jill went to his Lipson Construction truck parked in the driveway.

“Ruth thinks you should go ahead with your plan for the walls,” Sam said.

Jill blushed. “How did she know I was doing that?”

Sam laughed.

“She thinks, and I agree, you will feel more at home when you make it homey,” Sam said.

“That’s assuming this will be my home.”

“It’s odd for you and I. Val too. We fight against accepting what’s right in front of us. But be honest, Jill. Don’t you feel like this is exactly where you belong?”

In answer to his question, Jill buckled her seat belt.

“I’m glad you came along today. Saturday is my favorite day. We start with breakfast at four. Aden and Blane will meet us at the Gyro Palace. Although, now that you and Jacob are an item, we can go back to Pete’s Kitchen. Jacob could never handle a workday after seeing you.”

“He really likes me?”

“He’s crazy about you, Jill.”

Jill smiled.

“You’re right. I feel like I belong. But …”


“I’m not sure why.”

“Welcome to my world,” Sam laughed.

The retelling of Denver Cereal, Volume 1, continues tomorrow…

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