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Denver Cereal, Volume 1, Chapter Twenty: He said, “No matter what” (part one)


(part one)

Jill thought she knew everything there was to know about Sandy. They had been best friends since Sandy converted to Catholicism and Jill made it home from Costa Rica. They shared every trial, every tribulation, and every triumph.

But Jill had never seen Sandy in love, or even in like, for that matter. In fact, Jill was certain Sandy would never let any man get close to her. Certainly not after what her “real” dad did to her on his weekends.

Standing in front of a dressing room mirror at Nordstrom, Jill felt a stab of intense jealousy. Sandy and that cutie Aden had flirted and chatted the entire way to the mall. They weren’t ignoring her. They were just consumed with each other.

As fast as Jill’s jealousy came, it disappeared, leaving her strong desire for Sandy’s happiness in its wake. Like Galadriel in that ring movie, Jill felt like she had passed a test — The Girlfriend Jealousy Test.

Jill wanted Sandy to be happy. Period.

She squinted at herself in the mirror. She had to talk to Aden. But what should she say?

Should she tell him about Sandy’s prick father? No.

She could tell him Sandy was only promiscuous to keep people away. Yeah, that’s not going to work. But if she didn’t tell him, Sandy would push it, sleep with him, and then dump him like she did every other man. Crap. Jill wrinkled her nose in the mirror.

Coming out of the dressing room, she saw Aden shake his head at Sandy. He gave her another skirt. Sandy wagged her eyebrows at Jill when she went into the dressing room. This was Jill’s chance.

“You like Sandy a lot,” Jill said. She sat next to him.

Aden’s head jerked to look at Jill.

“Is it that obvious?”

“Yeah.” Jill smiled at Aden. “Go really slow.”

Jill said it in such a low voice that she wasn’t sure Aden even heard her. Aden made no indication he heard anything. Instead, he stood to greet Sandy as she came from the dressing room. Jill joined him. Together they encouraged Sandy to get something a little more Hollywood and a little less Hollywood Boulevard.

Sandy laughed and pulled Jill into the dressing room with her.

“Well, what do you think?” Sandy asked.

“About the skirt?”

“Aden. He’s the guy from the gym that I …”

“I remember.” Jill took the skirt from Sandy and put it on an hanger. “I think he’s great! I’ve told you that for years and years. Did you find out about his wife?”

“He’s divorced. Like you told me, it was just some jealous girl,” Sandy said. She pulled her jeans up. “You don’t think he’s too old for me?”

“I’ve never thought he was too old for you, Sandy,” Jill said. “I liked him when you talked about working out with him. Now that I’ve met him, I really like him. He’s smart and funny and cute. I love his smile, and he smiles at you …a lot.”

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