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Denver Cereal, Volume 1, Chapter Twenty-four: How much I need to know (part five)


(part five)

“But Tiffanie was pregnant and …” Valerie said.

“He wouldn’t divorce her,” Delphie finished.

They sat contemplating Sam Lipson for a moment.

“It’s not really Becky’s fault that her mother is …” Delphie sighed. “That’s pretty much it. Jake came home. This place was literally falling down. Sam was in Dexter and I was camped out here. Mike showed up the day after Jake came back to Denver. Jake and Mike went to work on the Castle. By the time your stepsister was out of jail, and Becky was born, the Castle was almost livable. Sam returned from his sabbatical ready to start living again.”

“Why didn’t Tiffanie divorce Dad?”

“Jake worried that Tiffanie would use a divorce to destroy Sam. Sam was very fragile. More public drama would have ruined him. So Jake set up those trusts. If Tiffanie files for divorce, she voids everything. He and Tiffanie are meeting on Monday to sign the divorce papers Jake set up four years ago.”

“Why is Dad going to the wedding?”

“He promised he would. Your father keeps his word. It’s important to him.” Delphie shrugged. “Since Becky and all of that, Tiffanie has been on her best behavior. She knows she screwed up. I personally think she’s horrified by the monster her daughter has become.”

“I’m horrified at what her daughter has become,” Valerie said.

“Your publicist will be here in a few minutes,” Delphie said. “She’s at Starbucks with some little person.”

“Thanks,” Valerie said. “Why do you think the step-whore went after Trevor?”

“Birds of a feather? I don’t know. She did it with deliberate purpose. I think she wanted to hurt Jake, or maybe Sam. But what they did to Jill? To Katy?”

Valerie shuddered.

“Let’s just be glad our Jill is free,” Delphie said. “I’ll get the door.”

Delphie was standing next to the door when there was a knock.

“Oooh, honey, what are you wearing?” Ramon flew across the threshold to Valerie. He squealed. “This is … NO. Don’t say it.”

“Claire Martins.”

“I told you not to say it.” Ramon twirled around the room until he saw the gowns. He fluttered over to the gowns. “Oh. Oh. Oh.”

“She wants me to be the spokesmodel for a new off-the-rack line. This is …”

“NO! Claire Martins has a new line! You’re the look of a Martins line?” Ramon fell on the floor in a mock faint. “I’ve died and gone to heaven.”

“I thought we were dressing the troglodyte,” Jen whispered to Val.

“Mike? My husband?”

“Right, your husband.”

“They’ve done that as well,” Valerie said. “Or they are going to. Frederic, Claire’s son, is working with men. Mike’s one of his first men. Did you book Oprah?”

“Thursday,” Jen said.

“I think Frederic said Thursday would work. He’s creating a special tux for Friday,” Valerie said. “You should see Mike. He’s been waxed. He even got a haircut. He’s drop-dead gorgeous.”

Jen fell to the floor in an imitation of Ramon’s mock faint. Valerie stood over Jen and Ramon laughing. Jen opened one eye.

“Is this Mike as good in bed as he is at coming up with miracles?”

“Yeah,” Valerie laughed.

Ramon opened one eye. “Does he have a brother?”

Valerie fell on the floor next to them.

The retelling of Denver Cereal, Volume 1, continues tomorrow…

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