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Denver Cereal, Volume 1, Chapter Twenty-five: A Gradual Unveiling (part two)


(part two)

“YOU’RE THE BAKER! Oh, Jake will just die!” Valerie looked around the upstairs and shook her head. “Get out of that dress.”

“But it’s nice,” Sandy said. “It fits.”

“We’re going shopping for something very special, very sexy to seal the Aden deal. That’s a man you don’t want to get away,” Valerie said. “Not that he would. I bet he’s smitten. Still, I’m sure Jill will let you wear some of her diamonds.”

Valerie clamped her mouth closed again.

“What diamonds?” Jill asked. “Jake said that: ‘Val has your diamonds.’ I thought he was hallucinating.”

Valerie clapped her hands together like Katy did when she was excited.


Jacob opened his eyes to a silent room. He knew he was in the hospital. He just couldn’t remember why. With deliberate care, he wiggled his toes, then his fingers. His right arm felt funny. With his left hand, he felt the gauze on his right shoulder and arm.

Shoulder injury. Okay.

He racked his mind for details. How did he get here? Hockey? Shooting accident? No, hunting season is in the fall. Judging from the light, it was still summer. Had to be a construction accident.

He should know this.

“So you’re awake,” the nurse said.

Ah, great, Nasty Nurse. Why do I remember her and not why I’m here?

“When will I be released?” Jacob managed.

If Nasty Nurse knew he was foggy, he wouldn’t make it home. Every cell in his body wanted to be at the Castle.

“Today,” she said.

“It’s Sunday?” Jacob guessed.

“Right,” the nurse said. “You want me to call someone?”

Jacob calculated. Dad would be at Trevor’s wedding. Aden and Blane, too. Valerie was in LA faking an engagement to that producer. Delphie doesn’t drive.

“Yeah, can you call my friend Mike?”

“What about your girlfriend?” the nurse sneered.

“My girlfriend?”

The nurse snorted at him.

“I figured as much. That sweet girl’s just one of a crowd, eh?” she sneered. “You men are all the same.”

“Okay,” Jacob said. “Mike’s number should be in my file.”

“You can call him yourself.”

“I don’t seem to have my phone.”

The nurse curled her lip at him. With her hands on her hips, she seemed to cackle.

“You’ll get your phone after the doctor takes a look at you.”

The nurse slammed the door behind her.


What girlfriend?

The retelling of Denver Cereal, Volume 1, continues tomorrow…

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