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Denver Cereal, Volume 1, Chapter Twenty-five: A Gradual Unveiling (part one)


(part one)

“Oooh, that looks fun,” Valerie said. She pointed to a red bite mark above Sandy’s left breast.

Valerie, Jill, and Sandy were looking at dresses in the second floor of Mike’s art studio. The entire floor had been converted to Valerie’s designer dress storage. Since Jill was going to wear one of Claire’s gowns, Valerie was acting as personal shopper for Sandy. Jill was zipping Sandy into a royal blue silk Dior gown.

“Sandy is dating Aden,” Jill said.

Aden!” Valerie squealed. “Really!”

“Yeah, why?” Sandy asked. “Am I too fat for this dress?”

“The zipper’s jammed,” Jill said.

“Mike’s fault,” Valerie said. “He drives me to all these events then … well …”

She lifted and dropped her eyebrows to indicate how Mike had jammed the zipper. The women laughed.

“I had it cleaned, but they didn’t unstick the zipper.” Valerie held the fabric so Jill could work loose the zipper.

“Wait. Why did you react like that about Aden?” Sandy asked.

Sandy’s natural mistrust had returned full force at church. She already told Jill she was not going to see Aden again. Jill worked to keep her friend open to the possibility of Aden, but was losing the battle.

“He’s one of your men.”

“Aden?” Valerie was so surprised she stepped back. “I’ve never been with Aden. I don’t know anyone who has.”

“So why did you squeal?”

Sandy felt an overwhelming desire to run away, get out of the warm closet of this spoiled rich girl. Before she could run away, Valerie put her hands on Sandy’s shoulders and looked into her eyes. While Valerie never had an ounce of psychic capacity, she was very emotionally intuitive. She felt Sandy’s aching, frightened heart as if it were her own.

“I squealed because he seems like he would be very fun. I’ve known him a long, long time. I’m excited for him to find someone great. Mom used to say …”

Valerie clamped her mouth shut. She spun in place and moved into the sea of dresses.

“Oh no, you don’t.” Sandy caught Valerie’s wrist. “What did your mom say?”

Valerie sighed.

“Celia used to say that we had to get Aden ready for when he met his baker,” Valerie said. “She thought it was a funny turn of words. I stopped talking because you’re a hairdresser, right?”

Sandy nodded.

“Mike and I thought it might be Candy, you know, because she is a pastry chef. But, Candy’s gay.” Valerie looked away. “I didn’t want to tell you because you’re not a baker …”

“Sandy’s a great baker,” Jill said. “She can make anything just by feel. She does it to relax, so she didn’t want to do it for work..”

“You baked the scones for breakfast?”

Sandy nodded. With her eyes wide, Valerie squealed again.

“YOU’RE THE BAKER! Oh, Jake will just die!” Valerie looked around the upstairs and shook her head.

The retelling of Denver Cereal, Volume 1, continues tomorrow…

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