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Denver Cereal, Volume 1, Chapter Twelve: Chickens come home? (part two)


(part three)

“What?” Trevor’s face flushed bright red with fury.

Unable to rip their eyes away, Valerie and Jacob watched Trevor flash into full blown rage. As his voice raised and his entire body went red, Max touched their shoulders. The contract portion of the meeting was over. They stood to follow Max out of the room. Trevor would need to calm down before he learned about honey bunny’s trust.


“I waited for you for about forty hours, Mommy,” Katy said.

Katy walked between Jill and Mike toward her room. The nurse said Katy was well enough to go home, but they needed the doctor to release her.

“Forty hours?”

“Maybe fifty. A long time and I’m really little. That’s most of my life! I woke up and missed you. Then that nice lady? The one I was walking with? She said I was really, really, really sick but I don’t remember being even a little sick. Was I really sick, Uncle Mike?”

Mike held Katy’s other hand as they walked toward her hospital room.

“You were very sick, baby,” Mike said. “We were really scared for you.”

“Mommy? Do you like that guy who took us to the zoo? Do you think he would take us to the zoo again?”

“I don’t know, Katy-baby. Probably.”

“I really liked him. I thought he was nice and cute too. Plus he likes ketchup on his French Fries like I do and he got me a green balloon. I love green AND I love balloons. A green balloon is the best balloon. Mommy, what happened to my balloon?”

“I don’t know, sweetie,” Jill said.

She hoped Katy wouldn’t be upset by the loss of her balloon. Sometimes, Katy could intensely focus on a single object. She would cry uncontrollably until she had that specific thing. But today, Katy shrugged.

“I bet that guy … Mommy, what was his name?”

“Jacob,” Jill said.

“I bet Jacob can find me another balloon. Don’t you think Jacob can find me one, Uncle Mike?”

“I’m sure he can, Katy,” Mike said.

“He’s going to be my Daddy.”

Shocked, Jill’s head jerked to look at her daughter.

“And THEN he’s going to make me a little sister!”

Jill burst out laughing.


“A million dollars? I get a million dollars?”

The stepsister squealed with delight. She clutched Trevor and they kissed. Valerie snatched Jacob’s hand in an effort to remain silent.

“Yes and no,” the trust attorney said. “You get the annuity on one million dollars.”

“What does that mean?” Trevor asked. After his rampage, Trevor was eerily reserved and calm.

“You receive the interest generated from the trust’s investments. The trust is currently making around four percent.”

“What does that mean in dollars?” the stepsister said.

“You will receive forty thousand dollars,” the attorney said.

“A month?” Trevor asked.

“A year.”

“WHAT?” The step sister launched to her feet. “I can’t live on forty thousand dollars a year!”

Valerie had to take a few deep cleansing breaths to keep from beating the crap out of the stepsister. The paltry forty thousand came from her parent’s blood, sweat and tears. Jacob put his arm around her to reassure her. Valerie looked at him and nodded.

“Why don’t I get the million dollars?”

“The principle of the trust cannot be touched. In the event of your death, the trust will becometheproperty of the primary owners.”

“Who is that?” Trevor asked.

“Jacob and Valerie Marlowe-Lipson.”

“What do butt-boy and sluttina have to do with MY money?” the stepsister screeched.

“Jacob and Valerie Marlowe-Lipson are the only people who can negotiate any of the details of the trust.”

“What does that mean?” Trevor asked.

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