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Denver Cereal, Volume 1, Chapter Twelve: Chickens come home? (part three)


(part three)

“The trust is set to begin annuity when your fiancé is twenty-five. It is our understanding you wish to begin payments now. Jacob and Valerie are the only ones who can change that date.”

“Oh,” the stepsister said. She plopped back into her chair. “Can they change the amount?”

“No,” the attorney said. “The only thing that will change your annuity is a significant change in the stock market.”

“Oh,” the step sister said. “What about my wedding?”

“Jacob Marlowe-Lipson promised his father at the time of sale of Lipson Construction that he would pay for your mother’s children’s weddings,” Max Hargreaves said. “He has already paid for your engagement party and will make the final payments on your wedding after Sunday.”

The stepsister was slow to process the information. Nodding, she looked from Valerie to Jacob as if to assess what to do next. When Valerie looked at Trevor, she felt a chill run up her spine. He was working something else out.

The stepsister’s face shifted to a big, charming smile.

“Ah,come on. Val? Jake? You have lots of money. This little trust is just sitting there. Everyone knows how generous the Lipson’s are. Why not show your sister a little generosity and give me my money now?”


“Lots of water. Rest,” Jill said to the doctor.

She held Katy in her arms while Mike carried Katy’s car seat and her medications. After her initial burst of conversation and activity, Katy was worn out. Katy pressed her face against Jill’s neck.

“Meds every four hours,” the doctor said.

“Yes,” Jill said. “I … Thanks.”

“She’s a great little girl,” the doctor said. “We’re going to miss having her around. Were you able to schedule the follow ups?”

“I … I have the list of people. I’ll call when Katy’s settled.”

“Perfect,” the doctor said. “Bye Katy.”

Katy lifted her head from Jill’s shoulder and waved to the doctor. They walked out of the hospital toward Mike’s Bronco.


“Yes, Katy-baby,” Jill said.

“I think I’m sick,” Katy said.

“I know, Katy-baby,” Jill said. “We’ll get you home and you’ll feel better.”

“Oh … home … how nice,” Katy murmured.

Katy was sound asleep when Jill settled her into her car seat. Katy slept through the drive to the apartment, the trip upstairs and her return to her own bed. Jill left her door open so she could hear Katy if she needed anything.

“I’ll leave the car,” Mike said. “That way if you need to go to the doctor or get something, you can just get it.”

“Are you sure?” Jill asked. “I don’t want to take your wheels.”

“I’m sure,” Mike said. “Trevor took your car?”

Jill nodded.

“You can keep this one,” Mike said. “If I need it, I’ll come get it. The Castle’s only a couple blocks from here. You’re all right here?”

Jill nodded.

“Val and I want to have the family over for dinner tonight … you know, to talk about being married and all. Do you think that will be too much?”

“No, I think it will be nice to get together around something happy. Is Meg planning a pot luck?”

“Of course.”

“Great, I’ll bring some pot.”

Mike laughed at their usual joke.

“Love you, Jilly.” Mike hugged his sister.

“Love you, Mikey.”

Jill walked Mike to the door. Leaning against the door, she almost collapsed to the floor in sheer relief. She and her baby girl were finally safe and sound at home.

The retelling of Denver Cereal, Volume 1 continues tomorrow…

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