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Denver Cereal, Volume 1, Chapter Twelve: Chickens come home? (part one)


(part one)

Walking from the bright day into the dark hospital lobby, Jill was unsure of where to go. Jacob said Katy had been moved to a private room. Stepping toward the reception area, Jill opened her mouth to ask for Katy when she heard:


Trailing an attending nurse, Katy ran down the hallway toward Jill. In a rush of emotion, Jill lifted her precious daughter into her arms. For one moment, for a lifetime, sensation and sound slipped away in a cloud of joy.

The world stopped as a mother held her small child.


“What does this mean in reference to our …” Trevor corrected himself. “I mean honey bunny’s financial support? It was her understanding that her father was going to support her.”

Valerie took a breath to remind the little malicious ‘honey bunny’ that her father was in prison, but Jacob placed the toe of his boot over her shoe. Valerie nodded. I can do this.

“The trust attorneys will discuss the nature of the trust. I am the Marlowe-Lipson’s contract attorney,” Max Hargreaves said. “The final contractual issue is that the trusts are payable at the age of twenty-five. I believe you are …”

“Twenty-one,” the stepsister said with a flip of her hair.

“According to this contract, you are not able draw from your trust for four more years. You will note here that your mother is the one who specified the age. I believe she thought the trust would give you financial support after you graduated from college.” Max pointed to a handwritten addition made by the stepsister’s mother. “I don’t think anyone could have foreseen …”

Max looked from the stepsister to Trevor then stopped talking.

“I’ll just talk to Mommy. She’ll change this in an instant,” the tiny blonde said.

“These contracts cannot be modified without voiding the entire agreement. I’m fairly certain the parties involved, including your mother, will not renegotiate.”

“We’ll see about that,” their stepsister smirked at Max.

There was a tap at the door and Jill’s lawyer, Diane Radman, stuck her head in the conference room.

“Excuse me for a minute,” Max said.

Max and Diane whispered back and forth near the door. Max nodded, then shook her hand and she left the room.

“Why is she here?” Trevor asked.

“Who is that, Trevy?” the stepsister asked.

“That’s Jill’s attorney,” Trevor said.

“This is an outrage. What bullshit is that trailer trash pulling now?” The stepsister jumped to her feet. “That bitch can’t take care of her own child! My God, her negligence put our child in the hospital. And now she wants to horn in on MY business.”

Valerie put the pointed toe of her Jimmy Choo’s into Jacob’s calf to keep him from exploding. He grimaced his thanks to her.

“Now smoochums,” Trevor said. He stood to wrap his arms around the tiny woman. “You have to be patient. We’ll have custody soon enough.”

Max set a piece of paper on the table.

“This is an ex-parte restraining order. Signed by the judge a half hour ago after the testimony of a Homeland Security Agent, a hospital social worker, as well as a neighbor from your old apartment building. This order says that Trevor may not cause physical pain or injury or the threat of pain or injury to Jillian or Katherine Roper. Further, Trevor is not allowed any contact with Jillian or Katherine Roper. You may wish to hire an attorney to explain the ramifications of this agreement. There will be a permanent order hearing in fourteen days.”

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