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Denver Cereal, Volume 1, Chapter Thirteen: One step back . . . (part four)


(part four)

“Jake’s very sweet. Anyway, Jake carried your groceries up to your apartment that day. You don’t remember?”

“Those days are a complete blur. I remember some guy, but when I went to thank him he was gone.” Jill’s face flushed with the memory of those painful days. “Trevor came that day for his stuff … He took the car. Oh. You’re saying Trevor saw Jacob.”

“He must have,” Valerie said.

“Oh,” Jill said.

“Jake bought the building so you wouldn’t have to move. He thought losing your home would send you over the edge.”

“Jacob’s the new owner? Really?” Jill chuckled. “He fixed my dishwasher. We’ve lived here five years and the dishwasher has never worked. Huh. Mrs. Robinson told everyone I was the reason we didn’t have to move but I thought she was just a crazy old nuisance.”

“She was right,” Valerie said.

“But Valerie, what happened this morning?”


“He says to me that he’ll tell Jill I set everything up so I could fuck her and dump her. Another bitch on my list. Because that’s how guys like me operate.”

Mike tugged his side of the window. The window slid across the paper-wrapped sill. They set the window onto the floor. Jacob went to work on the next window.

“I thought you were gay.”

“Oh, that too. I gave her AIDS.”

“I told you he was awful,” Mike said. “Did he go off when he got the restraining order?”

“I’ve never seen anyone get like that. Ever. We left the room.” Jacob set his tool down to wipe the dust from the wood. “How did the hearing go?”

“Did you know Colin works for Homeland Security now?”

“I thought he still worked at the bakery,” Jacob said.

“Colin gets up there and describes in detail exactly what Trevor said and did. The judge signed the order right there.” Mike laughed. “Trevor’s going to have a hard time going against a Homeland fucking Security senior agent.”

“There’s some good news. I can’t imagine having to deal with Trevor … ever … let alone every day.”

Jacob shook his head and returned to popping the trim from around the window.

“So what got to you?” Mike asked.

“Valerie called?”

“No,” Mike said. “I came to put another coat of varnish on the railing and found you here. I thought you’d be with Jill and Katy. You guys seemed pretty hot this morning.”

“I have to take these windows out,” Jacob said.

He yanked off the last piece of trim. Mike stepped forward to help pull the window from the sill. Mike set his end down and pointed to a rotten area of the frame.

“I have a piece that will match,” Jacob said.

“What did Trevy say that got to you?” Mike asked again.

“He told me he was going to tell Jill that I was responsible for all of this. Even Scooter! I took Scooter from them to make him look bad. She would believe him because she belongs to him. She will always love him and only him. He said … He said their souls are joined. Trevor owns her soul. But it wasn’t what he said as much as … “

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