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Denver Cereal, Volume 1, Chapter Ten: One step forward (part three)


(part three)

“Thanks,” Jacob said. He pulled the earpiece from his ear and tossed it onto the table. Returning his attention to Jill, he said, “How are you feeling?”

“Really good,” she said. “You’re a balm for any insomnia.”

“I’m glad. Katy is doing very well. They’ll release her to our care this morning. Rest, quiet, stuff like that. I was able to cancel most of my day, but I have to attend a meeting at eight-thirty. I shouldn’t be too long, but I have to go,” he said. “I thought Mike could take you to the hospital. That way, you can be there when Katy wakes up. I’ll come and get you when I’m done. Will that work?”

“I know you have a company to run,” she said.

“Help my father run,” he said. He kissed her nose. “The company runs itself. I mostly run interference for my father. That’s what the meeting this morning is about — one of my father’s messes.”

Jill smiled. “I’ve never been with anyone who had a job, so I don’t really …”

Jacob laughed.

“How about some cereal?” Jacob asked.

“I understand it’s the house specialty,” she said. “Crunch Berries?”

“Mike finished them yesterday. I was going to get more at Walgreens but I talked to the pharmacist for too long. I can go right now.”

Jill shook her head. Wandering to the table, she saw Jacob’s Blackberry vibrate. She flushed with guilt. She shouldn’t distract this important man.

“You have a phone call,” she said.

“I also have an assistant. If anyone really needs me, they text,” he said. Jacob pulled the boxes from the cabinet. “Would you like me to get some Crunch Berries or can you choose something from my vast selection?”

Jill’s pierced brow relaxed. She laughed. “I love cereal.”

“See! I knew you were a girl with taste.”

“What are you working on?” Jill asked. “Oh, I probably shouldn’t ask.”

“No, it’s okay. We have a group that estimates jobs. They estimate what we’ll spend down to the gallon of gasoline, what company resources will be required, and how much we’ll make from each project. It’s a hard job — really hard. We have some talented people who keep us in business.”

Jacob sat down in his chair. He turned the laptop for Jill to see.

“They send me these projections and I look them over. I run the numbers, double-check their work, look at the work schedule, stuff like that. If it seems reasonable, I send the entire thing to my father to see if he wants to do the project. Pretty boring. I get a bunch of these every Monday morning.”

“Can I see?”

“If you sit on my lap,” Jacob said.

Jill plopped down on his lap.

“Mmm.” His hands stroked her legs.

“I’m pretty good at budgets and numbers, so this is interesting to me. I never knew how companies did this kind of thing.”

Jacob kissed the back of her neck while Jill pretended to study the spreadsheet.

“You have beautiful skin,” he said.

Jill turned her head to look at him. “Jacob.”


“You have a busy morning,” she said.

“Mmmm,” he said.

She leaned away from him to catch his eyes.

“Yes, busy morning,” Jacob said.

Jill stood up from his lap. “I don’t want to get in the way of your …”

Their eyes caught with a jolt.

Jacob lifted Jill off her feet. Jill wrapped her legs around his hips. Their lips caught and he carried her to bed. There was no hesitation, no sadness this morning. Jill was hot, relaxed, and ready for him. He pulled off her T-shirt and panties at the same time she dragged down his boxer briefs. They joined with fast, rising heat. Jacob kept a slow, easy rhythm, but Jill pulled for him. They rose in fast union. In one blinding flash, Jill stopped moving.

“Oh,” Jill said.

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