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Denver Cereal, Volume 1, Chapter Seventeen: Cards on the table (part two)


(part two)

“We were a family — you and me and our Katy …”

“Until you fucked it up,” Jill said.

“I was manipulated, Jill. We both were. I … I was so focused on doing what was right for us, for Katy, I didn’t realize I lost the most important thing in my life — you.”

Jill stopped walking and squinted her eyes at Trevor.

“I want to get this straight. You thought by divorcing me, taking all of our money, my money, stealing our only vehicle, a vehicle I bought and paid for I might add, and getting some rich girl pregnant was what was best for us? For Katy?”

“When you say it like that …”

Trevor’s voice rose in irritation. Jill shook her head and returned to walking. Trevor noticeably softened.

“Oh, Jill, you cut me to the core when you’re so cold.”

Jill raised her eyebrows and turned into the apartment building.

“Jill.” Trevor put his hand on her arm. “Stop. Just listen to me.”

Jill turned to face him.

“We were manipulated by these rich people. They used us …” Trevor’s hand caressed Jill’s arm. “People like that can never understand what we have.”

Trevor leaned in. His lips brushed her lips. With her mouth an inch from his, she said, “So you’re not getting married on Sunday?”

Trevor jerked back.

“That’s what I thought,” Jill said. “If you’ll excuse me, my dog Scooter needs to be walked.”

“Scooter! Oh my God, Jill! Where did you find Scooter?”

“Don’t even start with me. I saw the papers. A Mr. Trevor McGuinsey turned him in to the Dumb Friend’s League.”

Trevor grabbed her arm before she stepped into the building.

“Don’t let them do this to us, Jill. We belong together. I still love you with every cell in my body, every fiber in my being, every thought in my head, and every action in my life.”

Jill visibly sagged.

“Please,” Trevor said.

She felt his hand move along her rear. Under his pressure, her hips shifted toward him. While her mind returned to her lists, he kissed her and then slipped his hands under her shirt. He flicked open her bra and moved to cup her breasts.

Her weary mind whispered, “This will be over soon enough.”

For the first time, Jill heard what her mind had repeated every time Trevor touched her. Horrified by the thought, Jill jerked to the present.

And found that …

She was standing on the sidewalk like a Colfax crack whore, while her ex-husband busied himself on her body. She took a step back. She wrenched his hands from under her shirt.

“Get off me.”

“You can’t just lead me on!” His voice was a terse whisper.

Jill couldn’t help herself. She laughed.

Trevor slapped her hard across the face.

“Stupid worthless whore, how dare you?”

Trevor grabbed her arms and jerked her toward him. She banged against his hip. He was rock hard and ready. He mashed his lips onto hers.

At that moment, she knew.

He was going to have her no matter what.

The retelling of Denver Cereal, Volume 1, continues tomorrow…

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