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Denver Cereal, Volume 1, Chapter Fourteen: Dread is a five-letter word (part three)


(part three)

Jill looked in her purse. She had a dollar in quarters and a prescription for Katy. She would use the dollar for the meter but the prescription … As if he had read her mind, Jacob set a hundred dollar bill in her purse.

“For the meds,” he said.

She blushed. “I …”

“Don’t worry. I’ll put it on your tab.” He winked.

“Thanks. I didn’t know …”

“How to get the prescription filled? I figured as much,” he said. Jacob took her cell phone and dialed his number. “Now you have my number. Just call me when you’re done and I’ll meet you at the workshop.”

She nodded and drove to his Detroit Street workshop. Jill waved at Jacob and Katy when she pulled out. Driving down Detroit Street, she watched them waving in the rearview mirror.

Her baby girl in the arms of her …


Ah shit.


“What’s next?” Mike asked.

They were sitting in the Jeep. They had spent the last hour in Store of Lingerie in North Cherry Creek. The owner, Cindy Johnson, had escorted them into a private fitting room, where Valerie teased Mike with lingerie. Mostly, she looked at underwear and bras for her new Denver life. Jacob had planned for everything except decent underwear.

“Want to do something really fun?” Valerie asked.

“More fun than watching you try on lingerie for an hour? No, darling, there’s nothing better than that.”

In a swift motion, Valerie slipped her knee over Mike’s lap. Sitting facing him, she kissed with long, pulling motions. As fast as she was there, she moved back to the passenger seat. Mike was so dazed it took him a few moments to speak.

“Yes, dear,” Mike said.

“So you want to do something fun?”

“Whatever you say.”

Valerie laughed. His arms moved around her to kiss her. She turned her head away. He laughed and kissed her cheek.

“What did you have in mind?” Mike asked.

“Safety deposit box.”

“Your wish is my command.”


“But … but …” Jill couldn’t breathe.

“Get the fuck out of my office!” The rolls of fat under her boss’s chin vibrated with his scream.

“I have sick time. I have vacation time. I …”

“I don’t give a shit what you have or don’t have. If you don’t get the fuck out of my office, I will have you arrested!”

“My daughter …”

“You are such a whining little bitch,” he said. Imitating her voice, he whined, “My daughter.”

“Listen, you have no right …”

Jill started and jumped back when he let out a rage filled scream: “AGHHHH! I don’t give a fuck about your daughter or you!”

He jumped from his seat so fast that Jill cowered as if he was going to hit her. He pushed his bulk past her to the door.

“Please, sir,” Jill whimpered. “I’m very sorry you couldn’t find the email. You’re absolutely right. It’s entirely my fault.”

“Damn right, it’s your fault.”

“I really need this job.” Jill couldn’t keep herself from begging.

“That’s not my problem anymore.”

He wrenched the door open and pointed.

“Please, Mr. Ashforth.”

“Get the fuck out of my office and my company. If I even THINK you’re near the building, I will call the cops.”

He grabbed Jill by the elbow and dragged her through the office. While horrified employees watched, he shoved her out the door. Jill landed in a heap on the sidewalk. He threw her purse at her. Her purse opened in mid-air spilling its contents all over the sidewalk.

The retelling of Denver Cereal, Volume 1, continues tomorrow…

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