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Denver Cereal, Volume 1, Chapter Eleven: The business of life (part five)


(part five)

Hopping to her feet, she pulled at the seated Trevor. Trevor stood slowly as Jacob and Valerie sat down across from the couple. They sat in silence for a moment.

“My Daddy will be so mad when he finds out you are here to ruin my life AGAIN,” the vicious blonde screeched at them. “And the week of my wedding.”

“Actually, your Daddy is still in prison,” Valerie said in an even tone.

Their stepsister launched herself across the table at Valerie. Jacob blocked Valerie from the attack while Trevor held their stepsister back.

“Now kitten, you can’t to get too upset,” Trevor said. “Remember what the doctor said. Getting upset is bad for the baby.”

As the couple made dreamy eyes at each other, Jacob and Valerie leaned back in their chairs. Jacob looked at Max, who nodded. Jacob raised an eyebrow.

“I hate to break up the love here. But we have a lot of ground to cover,” Max Hargreaves said. “Will you please return to your seats?”

“I will do what I like around my … employees,” the stepsister said with a dismissive flip of her hand.

“Actually, I am employed by Jacob and Valerie,” Max said. “Please sit down.”

The couple plopped down holding hands. When their stepsister noticed Jacob again, she squinted her eyes. Her lip curled with disgust.

“We’ll see how you act when I run the company,” she spit at him.

“Ah, that’s exactly why we wanted to be here today,” Valerie said.

Max gave Valerie a stern look. She shrugged her apology.

“Before we start,” Max said, “I will remind you that you signed a confidentiality agreement. You are restricted from mentioning any detail from this meeting, including who is present at this meeting. Is that clear?”

The stepsister and Trevor nodded their heads. Max laid a document in front of the couple.

“You’ll see from these documents that Lipson Construction is owned in it’s entirety by Jacob and Valerie Marlowe-Lipson,” Max said. “You’ll note the date of purchase.”

Max pointed to a date on the paper.

“Four and a half years ago, Jacob and Valerie Marlowe-Lipson purchased the remaining shares of Lipson construction from their father for ten million dollars.”

“But …” Their stepsister’s oft pouting lip began to vibrate.

“Please let me continue,” Max said. “At that time a seven year plan was set into motion converting Lipson Construction from private owner to an employee owned company. The initial transfer of ownership began at the beginning of this year and should finish within the next three years.”

After a moment of stunned silence, their stepsister flipped her hair.

“I’ll just inherit from Daddy,” she said.

Valerie wanted to slap her smug little face. This wicked woman had nearly destroyed Valerie’s life by selling Valerie’s personal information, hacked from her father’s accounts, to the press. From photos to lies, the press paid thousands of dollars for Valerie’s tidbits. Every time Valerie moved or changed her phone number, this little witch sold Valerie’s private life to the highest bidder. When Jake put a stop to her antics, she came after him. Of course, Jake could care less.

Valerie was about to scream at the step-whore when Jacob reached for her hand. They had agreed to let the lawyers discuss the details then follow up with options. Valerie held Jacob’s hand with both of her hands. She could do this.

“At the time of the Lipson Construction purchase, six trusts were set up.” Max retrieved the corporation sale documents and presented another document. “Each of your mother’s children received a one million dollar trust payable on their twenty-fifth birthday. In the event that Mr. Lipson does not remain married to your mother, she will receive a two million dollar trust. You will also notice that only Mr. Lipson’s children will inherit wealth or possessions from Mr. Lipson. You’ll notice your mother’s signature here … and here.”

“But … but … that’s just them,” the stepsister said pointing to Valerie and Jacob. “What about my little sisters?”

“That’s an interesting point of discussion for another time …”

The retelling of Denver Cereal, Volume 1 continues tomorrow…

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