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Denver Cereal, Volume 1, Chapter Eighteen: Details! We need details! (part six)


(part six)

Turning right, Aden parked in the lot behind Denver Health. On the elevator to Jake’s room, he went through the list of things they needed to accomplish. With Ashforth’s swinging straight pipe wrench, Lipson Construction had ceased to function. Every jobsite closed. Everyone — employees and clients — held their collective breath in hopes that Jacob would survive.

They had to restart Lipson Construction.


Then he’d get drunk.

On Jack Daniels? No, maybe Johnny Walker. One night a year, Aden allowed himself a serious drunk. Of course, every year for the last four, Jake happened to have some emergency on the night of his planned drunk. Tonight, Jake was in the hospital. Four years of sobriety would be broken tonight.

“Hey, Molly,” Aden said. “Jake.”

“How are you?” Jake asked. Molly gave Aden a hug on her way out of the room.

“I’m … all right,” Aden said. “See you, Molly.”

“How did it go?” Jake asked.

“It sucked. It always sucks,” Aden said. “Delphie says they’ll be home tomorrow night.”

“You need to renegotiate that custody.”

“Tell me something I don’t know,” Aden said. “I just keep hoping she’ll go away.”

“That’s not likely,” Jake said. “Did you get it?”

“Yep. When does the illustrious Jill get here?” Aden asked.

“She and a friend are stopping by,” Jake said.

“Should we get started?” Aden asked. “Or wait for them to come and go?”

“Let’s see what we can get done,” Jake said.

Aden began setting up their laptop computers. He was almost done when the door to the room opened. Turning to catch a first look at Jacob’s Jill, he gasped. The door slammed shut.

“That’s the girl,” Aden whispered.


“We start at Nordstrom and we’ll work our way to Macy’s.” Sandy outlined their shopping plan on the elevator up to Jacob’s room. “After all, you need all new clothing for your new lifestyle.”

“What about my feet?”

“What about your feet?” Sandy asked. “You can get a personal shopper!”

Jill laughed.

“Personally, I think I deserve a few pairs of shoes myself. You know, best-friend tax. Can’t you hear Jimmy Choo saying come and get me?” Sandy said. “It’s a Platinum American Express card?”

“I’m going to pay him back!” Jill exclaimed. “It’s just for Katy … her meds …”

“But he told you to take it shopping today?” Sandy asked. Stepping off the elevator, she followed Jill to Jacob’s room. “Do I have to watch you pay him back, because I like the details, but I’m not really …”

Sandy pushed the door open. Standing in the doorway, she saw a man kneeling by an electrical plug. When he looked up, she gasped. Sandy grabbed Jill and pulled her from the room. Sandy slammed closed the door.

“What?” Jill asked.

“That’s the guy.”

The retelling of Denver Cereal, Volume 1, continues tomorrow…

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