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Denver Cereal, Volume 1, Chapter Eight: The past, present, and future (part four)


(part four)

“How did you know?” Jill asked.

“What do you mean?” Jacob asked.

“The emergency room doctor told me that if you hadn’t given Katy the Primatene Mist, she would have died. Katy’s only alive because of you. How did you know she would need it?”

“Delphie said Katy was allergic to bees. She said Katy would die if I didn’t get her to the hospital,” Jacob said. “I went to Walgreens on the way to your house. That’s why I was late.”

“Oh,” Jill said.

“The pharmacist must be the same guy who helped you before. He remembered Katy and told me what to do. One shot every minute until she breathes clearly. I only needed one.”

“And you believed Delphie? Delphie, the crazy tarot-card reader? I thought you said she was a joke?”

“She’s very dramatic,” Jacob said. “I mean, her spirit guide’s name is ‘Naomi.’”


“Like from the Bible,” Jacob said.

“So she’s Ruth?”

“Something like that,” Jacob said. “You can see what I mean. Drama. Anyway, I’ve never known Delphie to be wrong. I mean, sometimes she mixes up the signs or misinterprets things. Like she told Mom that she would meet someone significant. They decided Mom was going to meet a new man. But they met you. Even so … I’ve never known Delphie to be … just wrong.”

“So Trevor will betray me again,” Jill said.

“He already has,” Jacob said.

Jacob pulled the car into the driveway of the Castle. He pressed a button and the iron gate opened to allow him access to the open backyard. When the iron gate opened, Sarah and another dog came barking and running toward the car.

“Scooter,” Jill said under her breath. “Why do you have Scooter?”

“Trevor took Scooter to the Dumb Friends League. He told them he found Scooter on the street,” Jacob said. “Delphie knew he would be jealous of Scooter. She wasn’t sure what Trevor would do. So Mom had an identification chip put in Scooter with Delphie’s address and phone number. The Dumb Friend’s League ran the chip and called Delphie. That was right before I came back to Denver.”

“Trevor said Scooter was dead. That stupid bastard. I can’t believe … Oh God, Scooter …”

Jill jumped from the SUV to greet her old friend. Standing near the back of the truck, Jacob watched Scooter give Jill kisses on her mouth in delighted reunion. When Sarah nudged his leg, he rubbed her ears and threw the ball she had dropped in front of him.

Looking up, Jacob saw Valerie come down the back steps and into the garden. When Valerie smiled at Jacob, he knew she was finally “just Val” again. He ran across the lawn to hug her.

In the dimming light of the summer night, Delphie stood on the back porch of Celia’s Castle. Watching the reunion of Jill and Scooter, and Jacob and Valerie, Delphie said, “Just like we thought, Naomi. They’re finally all together. Now the fun begins.”

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