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Denver Cereal celebrates its 20th book with Pagosa Springs, coming 12/15/2020

Pagosa Springs Cover

After a very long time, we’ve edited and compiled the 20th Denver Cereal book. Pagosa Springs will be released December 15 everywhere you buy ebooks. The paperback will be out later this year. Thank you for your support.

Crisis is the backbone of this book of Denver Cereal. Recently reunited,

Nelson begins to realize that he will have to take on the mantle of the

Templars. Sandy is injured in an accident that shatters her family and

draws Cleo, her cat, into the fray.

In usual Denver Cereal form, everyone stretches to support each other.

Pagosa Springs, Denver Cereal Volume 20, is one of the finest examples of

everyone doing their part to help each other build toward a better life.

Fantasy, paranormal, and everyday life connect to make the world called

Denver Cereal. Started in 2008, Denver Cereal is one of the longest

serial fictions ever written and published.


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FYI: In the coming months, we’ll be re-releasing better edited versions of the early books too.

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