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Chapter Six Hundred-two: Dinner with Alex and John (part two)


(part two)

“John Drayson!” Nelson said. “Oh my God! You’re John?”

Dr. John Drayson laughed. He held out his arms and hugged Nelson.

“I worked with this guy in the ER,” Nelson said to Blane who’d already sat down across from the woman.

Nelson took one look at the woman and his hand went to his heart.

“That’s impossible,” Nelson said under his breath.

The woman laughed and waved at Nelson.

“Please,” John said, gesturing Nelson toward where Blane was sitting.

Nelson slid into the bench next to Blane. He was too taken back to speak.

“This is my wife, Alex,” John said. “Alex Hargreaves meet Dr. Nelson Weeks. We used to work together at Denver Health. He works with Ava now at the Denver Crime Lab.”

“From the looks of things, you know, my twin, Max?” Alex asked, her face bright with laughter.

“Did you transition?” Nelson asked, leaning forward over the table.

“They are single zygotic male-female twins,” John said. “You know, Wyatt, right?”

“Klaussen? Twin expert?” Nelson asked.

“He’s Max’s partner,” John said.

“I was just thinking that I’ve got to tell Klaussen about this,” Nelson said with a laugh.

“He knows,” Alex said. “Trust me, he knows all about us.”

Nelson nodded. The waitress came to take their drink orders. When Nelson didn’t respond so Blane ordered for him.

“You okay?” Blane asked.

“Just surprised,” Nelson said. “A little embarrassed.”

Blane smiled.

“You should know that we are great at keeping state secrets and suck at keeping our friends secrets,” John said. “So before we do anything else, I must ask — does Heather know about the two of you?”

“Yes,” Blane said with a nod. “She’s the one who made everything happen.”

Nelson nodded in agreement.

“We are forming a larger family,” Nelson said. “Do you know Tres Sierra?”

“I do,” Alex said. “John knows him, too, but he doesn’t know that he knows him.”

John looked at her.

“From church,” Alex said. “Enrique’s brother?”

John’s face soured. After a moment, John said, “The CFO at Jake’s place.”

Alex nodded.

“He’s moving in with us,” Nelson said. “Tanesha and Jeraine, too. Jake says you guys have something similar.”

“We all live together,” John said. “The kids are raised together. My family is here from Ireland and Alex’s siblings live near us.”

Nelson pointed to John.

“Colin’s house is next to yours,” Nelson said. Nelson slapped his head. “Blane and I have dropped off Katy and Paddie a few times.”

“That’s us,” Alex said. “It’s pretty weird, when you think about it, but it works well.”

The waitress came back with drinks. Familiar with the menu, everyone ordered. The waitress went to put in their order.

“You wanted to ask me something,” Alex said to Nelson.

Nelson nodded.

“I… well, it sounds so strange,” Nelson started.

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