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Chapter Six Hundred-two: Dinner with Alex and John (part six)


(part six)

“Alex meet my fairy watch dog,” Nelson said.

Mari curtsied.

“Princess Marigold,” Mari said. “Nice to meet you, Alex Hargreaves. You know my sister, the Blue Fairy?”

“We’ve met,” Alex said with distaste.

“I’m not as annoying,” Mari said.

“Good to know,” Alex said. “Any idea why the lights went out?”

“We’re in another dimension,” Mari said.

“Where are the Goddesses?” Nelson asked.

“I put us in a time bubble,” Mari said. “I thought we might need a chat first.”

Alex gave Mari a thoughtful look and tucked her handgun back into her holder. She looked at Nelson.

“Goddesses?” Alex asked.

“Hecate, Nyx, Aphrodite,” Nelson said. “That’s not to mention Abi and Hecate.”

Alex blinked. The edges of the room seemed to soften. Instinctively, Alex pulled her weapon again. A female figure appeared.

“Nyx,” Alex said under her breath.

“How do you know me, child?” the Titan asked.

“My friend Bestat has a statue of you at her home in Alexandria,” Alex said. “She told me that it stood in one of your temples.”

Nyx looked at Alex for a long time.

“Bestat,” Nyx said. “How do you know her?”

“She is the partner of my oldest friend,” Alex said. “I was thinking of consulting her about this… uh… mission. Possibly bring her with us, if that’s all right with you.”

Nyx turned to Nelson.

“This is your human warrior?” Nyx asked.

“She is,” Nelson said.

“You may bring her,” Nyx said. “And her friend.”

Nyx turned to Mari.

“Abi tasked me with guarding Nelson,” Mari said.

“I know you, Princess Marigold,” Nyx said. “You are welcome. We may need your light in the end.”

The stubborn jewel popped off Mari’s sword. Nelson cursed. But Nyx simply held out her hand.

“Do you know what this is?” Nyx asked.

“A stupid jewel that won’t stay in place no matter what I try?” Nelson asked.

Nyx looked at Nelson and then grinned.

“It will never adhere to your sword,” Nyx said as her hands closed around the gem. “It is a compass.”

“To?” Mari asked.

“Exactly where we need to go,” Nyx said with a grin.

The lights came back on and they were standing in the restaurant again. Mari disappeared before the humans could notice her.

“Nelson?” Blane asked at the same time John said, “What’s going on?”

“Bathroom break,” Alex said with a grin.

She waved John out of the booth so that she could sit down. They settled into eating. After a few minutes, their conversation turned to their children. They were laughing in no time.

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