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Chapter Six Hundred-two: Dinner with Alex and John (part one)


(part one)

Monday evening — 5:58 p.m.

“So they…” Nelson said.

Blane turned off the car and looked at Nelson.

“Well, Leslie found these websites that postulate where people, who claim to be experts, believe the hoard might be located,” Nelson said. “She made some connections with a couple of old guys who have been studying this stuff all their lives.”

“Are they Templars?” Blane asked.

“No,” Nelson said. “They told her that they were descendants. Before you ask, they are not.”

Blane nodded.

“Anyway, I thought maybe tonight we could go over what she found,” Nelson said. “She said that if I’m the ‘chosen one’ then I should know intuitively which site is right. I tried it at the lab and…”

Nelson shrugged.

“Happy to help, if I can,” Blane said and got out of the vehicle.

Nelson met him at the back of the car.

“Are you sure about this?” Nelson asked.

“I’m happy to ‘introduce’ you to people you already know,” Blane said with a grin.

“This is so… public,” Nelson said.

They watched people stream in and out of Annie’s Restaurant.

“I’m not worried about being seen,” Blane said. “You?”

Nelson looked at him for a long moment. Blane pointed at him.

“You forgot,” Blane said.

Laughing, Nelson nodded. Nelson had loved Blane in secret for a long, long time. He still felt like they had to creep around. Blane held out his arm.

“Come on,” Blane said. He gestured to a two-seat luxury car. “They are already here.”

“Nice car,” Nelson nodded.

“They get all of their cars from a song at some drug dealer auction,” Blane said. “They can tell you all about it.”

Nelson nodded. They walked arm-in-arm into Annie’s. Despite the number of people milling around outside, there was surprisingly few people waiting. Blane told the person at the front that they were meeting “John and Alex.” She nodded, grabbed a few menus, and started toward the back of the restaurant.

“Isn’t this where Loki harassed Tres?” Nelson asked.

Blane looked back at Nelson and nodded. Nelson grinned. Blane discretely pointed to a char mark the size of a quarter on the wall.

“Abi,” Blane said with a nod.

Nelson laughed. They followed the woman to a table. They approached a table where the man’s arm was around the other person’s shoulder. His face was hidden and he leaned toward to other person. Their faces were so close together that they could only see the man’s curly dark hair and the other person’s short brown hair.

Nelson put his hand on Blane’s arm to slow him down.

“They’re always like that,” Blane said. “If you wait, you’ll be here for a long time.”

He walked to the end of the table and said, “Hey.”

The man turned to look at Blane and the woman laughed. While the woman who’d led them there set down menus for Blane and Nelson, the man stood up.

“John Drayson!” Nelson said. “Oh my God! You’re John?”

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