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Chapter Six Hundred-two: Dinner with Alex and John (part four)


(part four)

“Ava said that you were the best person,” Nelson said nodding to Alex. “I… well, I thought I’d put the entire crazy thing out in front of you and see what you thought.”

“Who else is going?” Alex asked.

“I can’t tell you,” Nelson said. “I’m sorry. You have to agree to go first.”

“I see,” Alex said. “Can I bring someone myself?”

Nelson shot Alex an intense look.

“The person I’m thinking about would know about this kind of thing,” Alex said with a soft nod. “Plus, I made an agreement that I would never go into a situation by myself.”

Her eyes flicked to her husband’s. She added, “Again.”

“We recently had a situation where Alex was critically injured on a mission where she wend alone,” John said.

The two looked at each other. Alex laughed.

“I need to bring someone as back up,” Alex said. “My team’s great. You know Leena and Margaret?”

Nelson nodded.

“I’d take them anywhere,” Alex said. “I was just thinking of someone who might know about this whole thing.”

“I don’t actually know,” Nelson said, shaking his head. “I can ask.”

Their meals arrived. They settled into eating for a moment.

“You know,” Blane pointed at Alex, “she’s a cartographer.”

“I am,” Alex said with a nod.

“She draws maps for the government,” John said. “They save lives. She’s a true master.”

Alex waved away his compliment. John looked at Alex.

“You have any Templar maps?” John asked Alex. He looked back at Nelson and Blane. “We have a lot of old maps.”

“I don’t think so. Maybe,” Alex said. She pointed at him with a fork before shaking her head. “That’s a good question.”

Alex looked at Blane.

“I received a stack of historic maps from my bio dad,” Alex said. “Max and I have a different biological dad than Colin, Sam, and Erin. He’s Parisian French.”

“That’s why Max speaks French?” Nelson asked.

“We learned as kids,” Alex said. “French, Italian, Spanish, English. Max learned Arabic in college. I learned a few more in the military.”

“Why so many?” Nelson asked.

“They wanted to be Green Berets,” John said with a laugh.

“We did,” Alex said, with a grin. She looked at John. “What do you think?”

“He’s French. You’re French,” John said. “It’s a secret French order.”

John shrugged.

“Seems like a no brainer,” John said with a grin.

“It would take me away again,” Alex said.

John nodded.

“It would help a friend,” John said.

Alex nodded. She looked off into space. Waving her hand, she said, “Show me the maps.”

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