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Chapter Six Hundred-three: The Dragon and the Knight (part two)


(part two)

The moment her eyes hit Nelson, he felt his entire body tingle. His head spasmed with pain. At the same time, he felt a bright energy flood his mind. Power pulsed through him. He was terrified and thrilled at the same time. His heart raced and his muscles pumped with blood. He felt taller and stronger. For the first time in his life, he felt whole.

“Whoa,” Alex said.

Mari appeared on the porch. She took one look at the woman and sucked in a breath. She moved to get in front of Nelson but seemed suddenly unable to move.

“Please,” Mari said. “He is a good human, kind, and funny. You will like him.”

The woman sighed slightly. The pulse of power flowed out of Nelson. He let out a breath and collapsed onto the couch. His head dropped into his hands while he tried to calm down. When he looked up, he saw a gorgeous tan skinned woman with almond shaped eyes and long black hair.

“I am Bestat,” the woman said.

“Nelson Weeks,” he said. “I was born Guy Semaines.”

“I knew this day would come, Mr. Weeks,” Bestat said.

“Doctor,” Nelson said. “Dr. Weeks.”

The woman grinned.

“I have known about you since the day you were born,” Bestat said.

“You have?” Nelson asked. “Why?

“Because you are the single male heir of that bastard, the one the call Bernard of Clairvaux,” Bestat said. “Are you not?”

“They stole something from you too?” Nelson asked.

Bestat laughed and nodded.

“Aren’t dragons always drawn to gold and jewels?” Nelson asked.

“Lazy dragons lie on treasure?” Bestat asked. “As in the Hobbit?”

Nelson nodded and looked up at her. Bestat smiled at him.

“Humans are the first creatures to trade objects for treasure,” Bestat said. She nodded to Mari. “Isn’t that true, Princess Marigold?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Mari said.

“Please do get up,” Bestat said to Mari.

“Dragons love to eat fairies,” Mari said. “I would not wish to be eaten.”

“Even you must agree that fairies can be incredibly annoying,” Bestat said. “Almost every creature on earth has wanted to destroy a fairy at one time or another.”

“I have.” Nelson raised his hand. “They tried to kill me and Blane and the kids.”

“My point,” Bestat said. “I have no quarrel with you, Princess Marigold.”

“Mari, please.” the fairy said as she got up. She went to sit next to Nelson on the couch. “I was charged by the mother to guard and protect this human.”

“You may continue in my presence,” Bestat said.

“Thank you, my lady,” Mari said.

“Bestat,” she said. “Everyone calls me, Bestat.”

A child came out onto the porch. She looked like her mother except for her shocking blue eyes.

“Teddy,” Nelson said under his breath.

“Yes,” Bestat said. “My partner is Teddy’s father. Does that surprise you?”

“At this moment, nothing would surprise me,” Nelson said.

“Teddy is inside,” Bestat said. “Would you like to see him?”

“It seems like we have a lot to discuss,” Alex said.

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