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Chapter Six Hundred-three: The Dragon and the Knight (part three)


(part three)

“It seems like we have a lot to discuss,” Alex said.

“You are correct,” Bestat said. “But first, I fear that I must make this point. Dragons have been on this plantet for millennia before humans were introduced,” Bestat said. “If we longed for treasure, we could have stolen it from every corner of the world long before the first human made a step.”

“You don’t love treasure?” Nelson asked.

“Don’t get me wrong, Templar,” Bestat said. “I like nice things. I like being able to pay for them. But no dragon I have known has ever lay around on some hoard of gold and jewels. We work for what we have. That is the law of this planet — what you give out will come back to you.”

Alex nodded.

“You know this,” Bestat said.

“What do you do?” Nelson asked.

“This and that,” Bestat said. “That is hardly the point.”

“Do you know where the hoard is located?” Nelson asked.

“Not specifically,” Bestat said. “Do you have maps?”

“I have some,” Nelson said. “My father has some.”

“Ben gave me all of his historic maps,” Alex said.

“Good,” Bestat said. “Fairy?”

“Mari, please,” she said.

“Mari,” Bestat said. “I forgot. Would you be so kind as to get the maps and bring them to us?”

Mari looked at Nelson and he nodded.

“Your father and…?” Mari asked.

“Mine,” Nelson said.

“Mine,” Alex added. “There’s also a stack of old maps from the salt mine.”

Mari looked at Alex and then at Bestat.

“I would be honored,” Mari said and disappeared.

“Let’s go inside,” Bestat said. “We will have tea while we wait.”

Nelson followed Alex and Mari into Bestat’s home. He was surprised at how modern it seemed. A female servant looked Nelson over before gesturing for him to go into a room. The female servant gave him what seemed to be a soft silken robe.

“For your protection, Knight,” the servant said.

“Thank you,” Nelson said.

When he returned to the room, Mari had returned. Two servants were working to unfold the maps onto a large table. Teddy appeared from a bedroom upstairs. He agreed to match the ancient maps to modern Internet mapping services.

Nelson sat down next to Alex.

“When we were outside and you said ‘whoa,’” Nelson said in a low voice. “What happened?”

“You started to glow,” Alex said in the same tone.

Nelson looked away.

“There’s a lot of lore about the Knights Templar,” Alex said. “I think you have to realize that magic is in your blood.”

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