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Chapter Six Hundred-three: The Dragon and the Knight (part six)


(part six)

“New moon,” Nelson said, softly. “I bet you’re right.”

“When is the next new moon?” Blane asked.

“Tonight,” Nelson said.

Blane gave Nelson a soft smile.

“I’ll give you the speech that I’ve heard Sam give Jake more than once,” Blane said. “Don’t take unnecessary risks. Coming home is more important than fulfilling any project or question. Just come home to us.”

Blane nodded.

“Thanks, I think,” Nelson said. “I just don’t feel… ready.”

“No one’s ever ready,” Blane said. “You just have to do your best. That’s enough.”

Nelson nodded.

“Your dad’s going to be here in a few minutes,” Blane said. “I have some marinated mushrooms for the top of the steak. You just need to warm them up. The steak is in a light marinade, the one you like. There’s salad in the refrigerator. Some of last summer’s delicata squash is in the oven. Can you put all this together?”

“You’re not staying?” Nelson asked.

“I think that you’re right,” Blane said. “You need to speak with your father and then you’ll head out.”

Nelson grabbed Blane and hugged him tight.

“Heather will be there with you,” Blane said. “You have to remember — you and Alex are the only mortals on this quest. There’s no reason for you to risk when they are immortal.”

Nelson nodded.

“I’ll be here with Tres holding down the fort,” Blane said.

Nelson grinned. Blane kissed Nelson’s cheek.

“Good luck,” Blane said. “Come home.”

With that, Blane walked out of the carriage house. He’d just crossed the street when he saw Pierre’s car pull up to the curb. Smiling to himself, he went inside the Castle.

“How is he?” Heather asked.

“Scared,” Blane said. “Excited.”

“He should be,” Heather said.

“You’re leaving tonight?” Blane asked.

“I’m not sure,” Heather said. “I’m just support staff. I’m not running this thing.”

Blane nodded. They hugged each other for support in their worry for their friend.

“I need to get dinner started,” Blane said.

Heather nodded and Blane walked into the kitchen. By the time dinner was ready, Heather was gone.

The quest had begun.

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