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Chapter Six Hundred-three: The Dragon and the Knight (part one)


(part one)

“This is Max’s jeep,” Nelson said.

“So he thinks,” Alex said with a laugh.

After dinner, Blane had dropped Nelson off at Alex’s home. They had walked through the backyard to the garage. Alex got into the driver’s seat of a Jeep CJ. Nelson got into the passenger seat.

“But…” Nelson said.

“It’s both of ours,” Alex said. “We share it. But we don’t drive it very often now because of the kids.”

Alex gave him a wide smile and started the Jeep. The Jeep started right up and they were on their way.

“Where are we going?” Nelson asked.

“My friend’s expecting us,” Alex said.

“How?” Nelson asked.

“I called her from the restaurant,” Alex said.

Nelson nodded and looked away. He was suddenly nervous. At dinner, he’d become comfortable with Alex and this entire ridiculous project. His heart was racing now. He wished he had never said he was going to find this stupid ‘treasure.’ He scowled as Denver flew by in front of him. Alex pulled up to a house.

“Come on,” Alex said. “It won’t be too bad. Plus, if anything goes wrong, your fairy bulldog will appear to save you.”

Alex laughed and got out of the vehicle. Nelson shook his head and got out of the Jeep. He followed her through a private front garden to a large home with a wide open porch. The porch was furnished as if it was a room in the home. Alex knocked on the door.

A tall thin bald man with tan skin opened the door. He looked at Alex and then at Nelson. He said something to Alex in a language Nelson didn’t understand. Alex argued back. The arguing got heated as the man gestured to Nelson. Alex’s words came fast and furiously. Finally, the man gestured to the couch on the porch. Alex relented.

“We need to stay out here,” Alex said.

“Why?” Nelson asked. “Is there something about me…?”

“Yes,” Alex said.

Shaking her head, Alex went to sit down.

“Is it too cold for you?” Alex asked.

“I’m okay,” Nelson said. “What’s wrong with me?”

“You’re a Templar,” Alex said.

“I am a dragon,” a woman said as she stepped out of the house. “You are a Knight.”

Two men came out of the house behind her. They dragged Nelson to his feet and searched him head to toe. They started to remove his clothing when Alex stepped in.

“I don’t know what this means,” Nelson said, angrily grabbing his shirt from the body guard.

“You are a Knight of the Templars?” The woman raised her eyebrows at Nelson.

The moment her eyes hit Nelson, he felt his entire body tingle. His head spasmed with pain. At the same time, he felt a bright energy flood his mind. Power pulsed through him. He was terrified and thrilled at the same time. His heart raced and his muscles pumped with blood. He felt taller and stronger. For the first time in his life, he felt whole.

“Whoa,” Alex said.

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