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Chapter Six Hundred-three: The Dragon and the Knight (part four)


(part four)

“There’s a lot of lore about the Knights Templar,” Alex said. “I think you have to realize that magic is in your blood.”

“Like Gandolf?” Nelson asked.

Alex shrugged. Nelson shook his head at the entire thing.

“We are ready,” Bestat said. “Alex? Nelson? Shall we take a look at these maps?”

Nelson and Alex got up and went to the table. Within minutes, Alex and Bestat were deep in conversation about the maps itself. Hours passed. Eventually, Nelson went back to the couch and fell sound asleep. He woke up in his own bed when his alarm signaled that he had to get up for work.

Nelson was halfway through his morning routine when he remembered his evening and night. He looked around. He had no idea how he’d gotten home. He expected to see Heather or one of the other Goddesses when he left his home.

No one was waiting for him.

Shrugging to himself, he went to work. He had one thing on his mind — he needed to speak with his father. He waited until lunch time before calling Pierre to ask him to dinner. Pierre seemed thrilled at the idea of seeing his son. Nelson invited his father to his home for a meal.

After work, Nelson stopped at a local butcher shop and picked up steak for them to share. When he reached home, he found Blane waiting for him.

“Dad’s coming over for dinner,” Nelson said.

Blane held out his hands for the grocery bags. He looked inside the bag and laughed.

“Steak?” Blane asked.

“I can barbecue a steak for my father,” Nelson said defiantly.

When he grinned, Blane laughed. Blane nodded toward the front door. Nelson opened the door, and Blane went into the kitchen.

“Go change,” Blane said.

Nodding to Blane, Nelson went to change out of his work clothing. By the time he’d returned, the kitchen smelled amazing. Blane poured him a glass of wine and gestured for Nelson to sit at the bar stool.

“I just wanted to check in with you to see how last night turned out,” Blane said.

“How it turned out?” Nelson asked with a laugh. “Weird. We went to Alex’s friend’s house and… Actually, I’m not sure how much I should tell you. Do you know Teddy’s step-mother?”

“Bestat?” Blane asked. “She was a part of that big rape case.”

“She was?” Nelson asked.

“Noelle was painting her in City Park when they were set upon by the thugs,” Blane said. He pointed a spatula at Nelson. “She won the case for the victims. All the rest were kids or runaways. But here’s this elegant woman, a diplomat no less, talking about what happened. The entire courtroom was enthralled.”

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