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Chapter Six Hundred-ten: Friends help friends (part six)


(part six)

“Yes,” the attendant said. He put his hand on Nelson’s heart. “Listen to me now, I am going to speak very quickly. Nod if you understand. Shake your head if you do not. You must act like you are simply getting dressed.”

Nelson nodded. The attendants looked at each other. The younger of the two attendants handed Nelson his pants.

“This quest is designed to kill you,” the older attendant said. “More than you can know, you are to die. No one is to find the hoard. This is how it’s designed.”

Nelson gave a nod.

“You must complete this quest,” the older attendant said.

Nelson nodded. The other attendant passed him a cotton wrap around shirt. Nelson put it on as the older attendant continued.

“You allowed yourself to become too ill,” the attendant said. “You must not do that again. You risk everything. The Russians were able to bring you back. There’s no reason for you to get so ill.”

Nelson tipped his head to the side.

“Yes, I realize that I’m saying that the quest is designed to make you sick and that there is no reason for you to get sick,” the attendant said with a nod. “None.”

“Why?” Nelson asked.

“You have friends,” the attendant said. “Friends who are willing to help you do hard things. Friends who will help you stay healthy and well. You are loved. So loved.”

Nelson’s eyes welled with tears. The other attendant gave Nelson the over garments to his Templar gear.

“Never doubt,” the attendant said. “These Goddesses will kill for you. They risk themselves for the quest. They will help you.”

Nelson nodded.

“You need to ask,” the attendant said. He hit Nelson hard in the chest with his pointer finger. “Ask.”

“I will,” Nelson said. He nodded sincerely.

“You must know that this quest is different,” the attendant said. “No Templar ever went on a quest alone. No Templar went on a quest for reasons other than to line his own pockets.”

“I am not so different,” Nelson said. “I am here to save my father.”

“Doing something for someone else,” the attendant said with a nod. “This is why you’ve made it so far. No Templar has ever going out on a quest for someone else. They were just not like that. They simply were not.”

Nelson glanced at the younger attendant and he gave a nod.

“Yes, young man,” the older attendant said. “We both knew Templars.”

Not sure what to say, Nelson focused on getting dressed.

“We are your attendants,” the man said. “Call us. Any time. We will appear. One of the gifts of serving the Madam is the gift of a kind of magic — very powerful, very secret. No one would dare to defy us. We will protect you. Care for you. Until you reach the very end of this quest or die.”

Nelson nodded.

“Thank you,” Nelson said.

The attendants finished dressing him, including putting on his shoes. They left the room without saying another word.

“Ready to go?” Hecate asked as Nelson stepped into the doorway.

“I am,” Nelson said.

He looked at Alex, and she nodded. They were whisked off to the next Templar site.

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