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Chapter Six Hundred-six: A little blood (part two)


(part two)

“This is my mother’s family farm,” Nelson said. “You should know that they are…”

A woman and two men wearing full Templar armor ran out of the barn. They charged toward the group with their swords a loft.

“Can I kill them?” Artemis asked in a soft voice. “Hey Knight, is there another apple in the bag?”

Nelson pointed to the trees laden with fruit on the edge of the field. Artemis grinned.

“No, you cannot kill them,” Abi said.

“Let us deal with this,” Hedone said to Nelson.

“Get behind me, Nelson,” Alex said in a soft voice.

He shifted slightly behind her.

“I can fight,” Nelson said.

“This quest is bigger than you,” Mari whispered.

“There are things in play here that you simply wouldn’t understand,” Abi said.

She moved to stand behind him. She nodded to Artemis and Aphrodite. “Nyx.”

“We are protecting you, Knight,” Artemis said.

The Goddess of the Shadow appeared in front of the three Templar warriors. The warriors reeled back with surprise.

“You will abandon this,” Nyx said. “Now.”

She opened her hands and darkness surrounded the Templars. Aphrodite stepped forward and the darkness disappeared. Shocked and sensorial confused, the three Templar warriors stood, shocked and silent.

“Your turn, Knight,” Artemis said.

Nelson stepped out from behind Alex.

“I am Guy Semaines, son of Pierre Semaines, the head of the Order of the Templars,” Nelson said, in French. “I am heir to Bernard of Clairvaux. Templars — we are here on a matter of great importance. You owe me your fealty and allegiance.”

The three warriors looked at Nelson and blinked.

“We were warned that you would arrive,” the younger male said. “You are here to steal from us.”

“How can I steal from you when I own it all?” Nelson asked in the most arrogant voice he could manage. “I own this land. That house. Everything around for a hundred miles belongs to me — the heir of Bernard of Clairvaux.”

“This is a sanctioned quest by the leader of the Order of the Templars,” Hecate said. “You have no right to stand in our way. You should be helping the heir, not standing in his way.”

The leader of the three pointed his sword at Nelson.

“Because of you, the Order is in disarray,” the man said. “You murdered our fathers, brothers, nephews, and sons.”

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