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Chapter Six Hundred-six: A little blood (part three)


(part three)

“Because of you, the Order is in disarray,” the man said. “You murdered our fathers, brothers, nephews, and sons.”

“Before they killed us in our beds,” Nelson said.

Nelson saw Bestat gesture to Hecate. They slipped to the side of the Templar warriors.

“Only after you murdered my mother,” Nelson said. “Maimed my father. I am only here due to the sacrifice of my mother.”

“My sister,” the elder woman said and spit.

Without warning, an image of a happy couple with their six month old baby appeared in the field. The image was as clear as if they were watching television. The image bent in an arc around the three Templar warriors. The scene unfolded to show Nelson’s parents death. The magic was so complete that one of the warriors threw up at the gore.

Nelson lowered an eyebrow at Mari. She shrugged.

“They are assholes,” Mari said.

“Assholes or not, we are running out of time,” Nyx said. “Dragon! Get what we need! Fairy?”

In a blink of an eye, Bestat slid to the three Templars with a claw out. The long claw nail slid past the Templars throats. A drop of blood from each of them fell toward the ground. Bestat was once again standing with the quest party.

Mari appeared in front of the warriors with the original parchment. Their blood splashed on the parchment.

In the next second, Nelson felt a prick at his neck. A drop of his blood fell onto the stone that Nyx had taken from Mari’s sword.

“We’re done here,” Hecate said.

They were suddenly standing on the street of a modern city.

“Where are we now?” Nelson asked.

Bestat nodded toward a terraced house.

“I have lived here since the 1600s,” Hecate said moving toward the front door of the middle row house. “Shall we?”

“They survived the great London fire and the wars,” Mari said under her breath to Nelson.

“Imagine that,” Hecate said with a grin as she opened the door.

The members of the quest went inside.

“Looks like a museum,” Nelson said under his breath.

Mari pointed to something on the wall. Nelson turned to see that the head of the Historic Society was none other than Hecate. She grinned at them and they went upstairs.

“They won’t know we were here,” Hecate said. “Please — humans feel free to use the facilities. Our friend Hedone has gone out for food.”

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