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Chapter Six Hundred-six: A little blood (part five)


(part five)

The compass,” Abi said. “You don’t know Nyx, but I can assure you that she is sitting and staring at the compass. We won’t miss it.”

Nelson nodded. Alex sat down on the other side of him.

“Eat,” Abi said.

“I usually don’t eat while on mission,” Alex said.

Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw Abi do something, he wasn’t sure what.

“This does look delicious,” Alex said. She leaned over and picked up what looked to Nelson like a tuna and mayonnaise sandwich. “How did you know that I love these?”

Abi simply grinned. Alex ate her sandwich with great joy and poked around on her work tablet.

“How do you just accept all of this stuff?” Nelson asked Alex under his breath.

Alex turned and looked at him for a long moment. She shrugged.

“I guess I’m used to it,” Alex said. “Being in the military is a little bit like being around magic. Things happen that you don’t expect. You have to go here or there. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fallen asleep in one location and woken up somewhere completely different. Sometimes our destination changes while we’re in the air. It’s crazy, but it works.”

Alex nodded to Abi.

“These are people will keep us safe,” Alex said. “I check that I’m safe. That you’re safe. We will have to be active soon enough. May as well enjoy our down time.”

Alex shrugged.

“A tuna sandwich is just a bonus,” Alex said with a grin.

“Why?” Nelson asked.

“I don’t get to have them when I’m working,” Alex said. “My teammates hate the smell. So I have them at home. It’s really my favorite. The only thing better than this is a tuna melt.”

Nelson grinned at her.

“Has Blane ever made you one?” Nelson asked.

Alex grabbed her stomach and groaned dramatically. Nyx appeared suddenly.

“Are you ill?” Nyx asked.

“No,” Alex said looking up into the gorgeous face of the dark. “Just being dramatic.”

“Humans,” Nyx laughed and dissolved into the shadow.

Alex gave Nelson a look out of the side of her eyes. Nelson grinned. They settled into a kind of quiet kind of contemplation.

“What are you thinking about?” Nelson asked Alex.

“Making lists,” Alex said. “This is fun and everything but we’re due to deploy in a week or so.”

She looked at Nelson and smiled.

“I have a lot of fun things to get in before then,” Alex said with a grin and a wiggle of her eyebrows.

“Like what?” Nelson asked.

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