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Chapter Six Hundred-seven: As if we needed another God (part two)


(part two)

Mari poured boiling water over the teapot and filled the milk pitcher. She carried it out to the sitting area.

“I’m sure you’re thinking that this must be gross because I’m never here,” Mari said. “My brother Keenan lives here most of the time so there’s a food delivery every three or four days. Some of my father’s heirs live on a farm nearby. They keep us in food and milk and everything yummy.”

“I’ve met Keenan,” Alex said. “He seems young to live on his own.”

“Technically, he lives with me,” Mari said. “But he is young and old at the same time.”

Mari smiled.

“You cannot imagine how annoying living a court can be,” Mari said. “That’s why we have these houses. They were originally built for my dad’s human family, but most of them moved away for jobs.”

Mari shrugged. She gestured to the living room and they went out to sit in the living room. In the doorway, they saw that Keenan was now sitting in a chair reading a text book.

“How was school?” Mari asked the boy.

“Good,” Keenan said, turning his eyes to Alex and Nelson. “I go to human school during the day and fairy school at night.”

“Sounds like a lot,” Alex said.

“I like to learn,” Keenan said. “At human school, I get to learn Manx and about computers. At fairy school, I get to learn about magic and being a fairy.”

“My brother, Fin, is pushing our little Queendom into the modern world,” Mari said with a nod.

Mari poured tea into four tea cups.

“Dad’s here,” Keenan said without looking up from his book.

The door swung open on an ocean breeze. The house filled with the smell of salt and open water. A dark skinned man stepped into the small house. His presence seemed to invade the very corners of the house and into Alex and Nelson.

“Knock it off, Dad,” Keenan said, still not looking up from his book.

“Sorry,” the man said. “Old habit.”

“No problem,” Alex said.

Mari poured her father a cup of tea. He sat down in a chair. They each focused on doctoring their tea. After a sip of tea, Alex set the tea cup down.

“While it is very nice to meet your little brother and your father,” Alex said, “I’m wondering if you can tell us why we are here.”

She looked at Mari’s father.

“We took a detour from our quest for the Templar treasure,” Alex said.

“We are aware,” Keenan said, setting his book on the table. “My father is the Manannàn.”

“The God of the Sea?” Alex asked.

“In the flesh,” Manannàn said. “We’ve met before, I believe, Alexandra Hargreaves.”

Surprised, Alex fell back in her chair. Nelson raised an eyebrow at her.

“You remember me?” Manannàn said.

“I do,” Alex said, softly. “Thank you.”

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