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Chapter Six Hundred-seven: As if we needed another God (part three)


(part three)

“Of course,” Manannàn said warmly.

Manannàn looked at Nelson.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Nelson said.

Nelson looked at Alex, and she shook her head.

“This is the knight?” Manannàn asked Mari.

She gave a nod.

“I like him,” Manannàn said. “I am glad you are guarding him.”

“Thanks, I think,” Mari said.

Manannàn turned toward Nelson. He gave a slight nod.

“I am an ancient God,” Manannàn said.

“Celtic,” Alex said. “God of the sea.”

“That would be me,” Manannàn said. “My daughter asked me to come and speak to you about your quest. Delicious tea, my dear.”

“Wonderful,” Nelson said.

Alex nodded.

“Thanks,” Mari said, blushing. “My own special blend.”

“You are on a quest for Bernard’s hoard of jewels and whatever else,” Manannàn said.

“We retrieved a collection of art and other items from a salt mine in Poland,” Alex said. “One of those items destroys light, including the sun.”

“Yes,” Manannàn said. “I am aware of it. Belonged to Nyx.”

“She said that it and its counterpart were stolen from her,” Nelson said. “The Templars took the object we call the ‘Adam’s Apple’ leaving this other item out in the world.”

“Do you know where it is?” Alex asked.

“I do,” Manannàn said. “I also know that without my help, your quest will fail.”

“Why is that?” Nelson asked, irritably.

The fairies and Alex raised their eyes to him.

“I apologize,” Nelson said. “I had no intention of going on this ‘quest.’ Now that I’m here, it seems to be a series of misadventures and a lot of waiting. I feel revved up and exhausted at the same time.

“Sounds like a quest,” Manannàn said with a nod. “When I was human, we shoved off from Africa in a skiff with my wives and children. We were looking for a better life for ourselves and our people. We landed here, on this island.”

Nelson gave him a slight nod.

“That was a lot of waiting,” Manannàn said with a grin.

Not sure how to respond, Alex and Nelson simply focused on their tea. Mari got up to refresh the pot. When she returned, it was clear that she was ready to get down to business.

“Dad?” Mari asked.

“Yes, Marigold,” Manannàn said. “I will get to the point.”

Mari poured more tea while Alex and Nelson waited for the God to speak.

“The rest of your party is on Bardsey,” Manannàn said.

When Nelson looked confused, Alex whispered, “It’s about 100 miles South of here. Couple of miles off the coast of Wales.”

“From this point forward, you will be asked to prove yourself as the heir,” Manannàn said.

“Haven’t I already done that?” Nelson asked with a shrug. “I’m here, in this get up, and…”

“A knight must prove himself at every step,” Manannàn said.

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