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Chapter Six Hundred-seven: As if we needed another God (part six)


(part six)

Nelson shook his head in an attempt to clear what felt like cobwebs from his brain. Manannàn said something to Mari in a language he didn’t understand. Mari scowled. She put her hand on his head and the clogged feeling in his head vanished. She said something to Manannàn in the same language.

“You had a spell on you,” Mari said.

“What kind of a spell?” Nelson asked.

“One that clogs your thinking,” Mari said. “You’ve been acting odd. Like a petulant child.”

“I feel like a petulant child,” Nelson said. He put his hand on his chest. “I didn’t feel that way as a child.”

“I thought that you were just tired or upset,” Mari said.

Manannàn said something in the foreign language and Mari shook her head.

“May I?” Manannàn asked, holding out his hand toward Nelson’s head.

Nelson leaned forward and Manannàn touched his forehead. Nelson felt as if the water inside his cells rushed to celebrate the joining with this man. For a moment, Nelson felt a tremendous peace. Manannàn pulled his hand away. He said something to Mari.

“We can’t tell who or what put the spell on you,” Mari said. “Our concern is that there is a member of this party who is sabotage in you.”

“Why would they do that?” Nelson asked.

The door burst open and a figure stood in the doorway. Mari and Alex were on their feet in a moment.

“Because they want the world to end,” the distinct voice of the creature named “Bestat” said.

Manannàn was on his feet. He rushed toward the figure.

“Stop!” Nelson screamed. “She’s…”

Laughing and talking at the same time, Bestat and Manannàn held each other tight. Alex sat back down to read the book that Ne Ne was discussing. Mari remained standing. While they had been fairly hostile to each other in the quest, Mari and Bestat hugged like old friends.

“How did you find us?” Nelson asked.

Bestat gestured to the cookies. She went to the table to greet Ne Ne and Keenan with hugs. With the greetings out of the way, Bestat turned to Nelson.

“We have almost no time,” Bestat said. “I came to tell you that you, Guy Semaines, are in grave danger.”

“From inside the quest?” Mari asked.

“From the quest itself,” Bestat said. “This quest is designed to kill the heir. I don’t know why, but it is. Each time you succeed, you will become more stupid, more foggy, and less able to move forward. The heir must be able to withstand it all, but the magic is strong — too strong for one person.”

“The quest was designed to pick the best of a group of heirs,” Ne Ne said. “No one thought that there would be just one.”

“We have much to do,” Manannàn said.

“Then let’s get it done,” Nelson said.

“I thought you’d never ask,” Manannàn said.

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