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Chapter Six Hundred-seven: As if we needed another God (part five)


(part five)

“Yes,” Alex said. “I’d never seen an actual Templar map until this week and the ones I saw were woefully incomplete and inaccurate. Primative.”

“It’s likely that the originals were burned when the Templars were burned,” Ne Ne said. She looked at her father. “This is why my father created our libraries.”

“To acquire and curate the knowledge of the world,” Manannàn said. “That’s the motto I came up with.”

“Catchy,” Nelson said.

Manannàn grinned.

“After Nelson and I talked, I tried to find information about this quest,” Alex said. “I was unable to find any information that wasn’t some kind of confabulation. If you have information — any information —, I would love to see it.”

“Of course,” Ne Ne said.

“Father? Will you speak to our knight?” Mari asked.

“I will,” Manannàn said.

Ne Ne, Keenan, and Alex moved to Mari’s dining room table. Soon, they were deep in conversation leaving Mari, Nelson, and Manannàn to drink their tea. Manannàn set his cup down.

“What do you know about Bardsey Island?” Manannàn asked.

“Nothing,” Nelson said. “I mean, Alex just told me that it’s an island off of Wales and about 100 miles from here. South.”

“It was a destination for people of the Christian religion,” Mannanan said.

“More than 20,000 saints are buried there,” Mari said with a nod.

“You will be asked to raise these 20,000 saints,” Manannàn said.

“What?” Nelson asked. “How…?”

Manannàn raised his hand and Nelson stopped talking.

“Please, there’s a lot for you to hear and we have little time,” Manannàn said. “Listen now.”

Manannàn’s voice echoed through Nelson’s head. He nodded.

“The penalty for not being able to raise the saints is death,” Mari said.

“This is why my daughter brought you here,” Manannàn said. “And called us together. I take it that you have no idea how to raise the saints?”

“None what-so-ever,” Nelson said. “No clue.”

“They might not want to kill you, but that is law,” Mari said.

“What do I do?” Nelson asked.

“Your human friend is learning everything there is to learn about Bardsey,” Manannàn said. “But you must memorize the incantation to raise the saints.”

“Memorize?” Nelson asked. “Easily. I’m good at that.”

“Good,” Manannàn said. “There’s more. Before you leave here, I must tell you that the actual location of the hoard is in the middle of the Mediterranean sea.”

“What?” Nelson asked leaning forward.

“You will only be able to find it if you know where it is located and how to get there,” Manannàn said.

“Another test,” Mari whispered loudly.

“That’s crazy,” Nelson said. “It’s a place that you can only get to if you know where it is? It’s like something out of a movie.”

“You’re on a Templar Quest,” Alex said, turning to look at Nelson from the table. “That is something out of a movie.”

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