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Chapter Six Hundred-one: Beginning of a team (part three)


(part three)

Monday midday – 12:11 p.m.

Denver Crime Lab

Nelson brought his lunch into his boss Ava O’Malley’s office where the rest of his co-workers were eating lunch. Bob Parrish partially stood up when Nelson came in. The elderly man grabbed another chair and stuck it under the table for Nelson. Coroner Dr. Joan Quincy shifted over to give Nelson some space. Leslie McClintock nodded to Nelson as he sat down. Fran DeKay, the designated “lab Mom,” smiled at Nelson and scooted the salt over in his direction. Ava was sitting at her desk when Nelson came into the room. She got up, grabbed her lunch, and joined the team at the table.

For the next few minutes, no one said anything while they dug into their lunches. Nelson unpacked his salad including two muffins. He set one in front of Dr. Quincy.

“Oat bran,” Nelson said. “Cinnamon. They’re your favorite.”

“Yes, they are,” Dr. Quincy said. “Thanks.”

“My pleasure,” Nelson said. “Blane made them for you to support your recovery.”

Dr. Quincy was fighting colon cancer.

“Send him my love,” Dr. Quincy said with a nod.

They fell silent again. Nelson cleared his throat.

“I’m in a… uh… situation,” Nelson said.

Everyone around the table looked up at him.

“Go on,” Fran said.

“I… well…” Nelson nodded. “You probably know, but maybe you don’t, and…”

“Spit it out, son,” Bob said. “We can handle it.”

Nelson looked at Bob before nodding.

“Okay,” Nelson said. “My father and mother were, well, are, but my mom’s dead, and…”

“Your parents were in the Templars,” Leslie said. “Or more accurately, your father is a Templar. We know all about it.”

“Oh,” Nelson said. “Why? How?”

“Seth told me,” Ava said. “He knows your father from Lockheed Martin. Your father told him. Seth told me. I told everyone when you missed work when your father was in the hospital.”

“The appearance of your father,” Fran said. “That’s what surprised me.”

“And me,” Dr. Quincy said. “I didn’t know that your father was living.”

“I didn’t either,” Leslie said.

“You know what surprised me?” Bob asked. “Carlos the Jackal. That’s what surprised me. I know that…”

Bob looked around the table. Fran gave him a shake of her head.

“Another time,” Bob said.

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