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Chapter Six Hundred-one: Beginning of a team (part six)


(part six)

“For a percentage of the hoard?” Nelson asked.

Everyone at the table reacted by pushing back from the table. No one said anything for a moment.

“I personally do not want anything to do with that treasure,” Dr. Quincy said.

Everyone nodded.

“Whatever we find, we should make every effort to give it back to those who owned it,” Ava said. “Or give to a museum in the area of those it was taken from.”

“I agree,” Nelson said with a nod. “Like you’ve done with the stuff from Poland.”

“Exactly,” Ava said.

“We’re on your team,” Leslie said. “With an emphasis on your.”

“If you have to do this thing, then we all have to do it,” Bob said with a nod.

Nelson’s eyes welled with tears. He leaned his head forward.

“It’s a terrible burden for you to have carried for all of this time,” Fran said.

Nelson nodded.

“I can’t bring you with me,” Nelson said.

“We’ll be your team at home,” Ava said with a grin. “Your intelligence team. Your ‘mission central.’”

“Your Houston,” Leslie said with a grin.

Everyone around the table grinned and nodded.

“I’ve been told that I can bring one human female with me,” Nelson said. “A warrior. I wanted to ask you if you had any ideas. I was going to ask Mike, you know, Mike Roper, but he’s male and… M.J.’s male and…”

“Alex,” Ava said. “You should ask Alex Hargreaves.”

Nelson looked up at the team everyone was nodding.

“I know her brother but…” Nelson said.

“You will have to ask her,” Ava said. “She’s busy, really busy. They had to wait a year to get on her schedule for Poland.”

“But you think I should ask her?” Nelson asked. “I don’t really know her.”

“I do,” Ava said. “I can make the introductions.”

“You will?” Nelson asked.

“I will,” Ava said. “Especially if it gets whatever that thing it out of my house. See? I’m motivated.”

Nelson smiled at Ava. The team fell silent. After a moment, they started eating again. They moved on to talking about the case they were working on. When they’d finished eating, they left Ava’s office. When Nelson got to the door, Ava stopped him.

“I’ll call her right now,” Ava said.

Nelson turned to look at Ava. After a moment, Nelson nodded and got back to work.

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