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Chapter Six Hundred-one: Beginning of a team (part one)


(part one)

“How can I be of service?” Nelson asked.

“We need the Templar hoard,” Abi said.

“You… what?” Nelson asked. Shaking his head, he added, “What do you think that has to do with me?

“The object you call ‘Adam’s apple,’” Nyx said in her distinctive voice. “No one knows why you call it this. There was no Adam and he had no apple and…”

“Nyx,” Abi said.

“Makes me furious,” Nyx said.

“I know,” Abi said. “I understand. Please continue.”

Nyx was silent for a long moment.

“Nyx,” Abi said in low warning.

“Fine,” Nyx said. “The apple was taken. From me. By your ancestors — the filthy, disgusting, loathsome Templars. And now, because of other moronic humans, we need to find it.”

Nelson dropped into an empty armchair. He didn’t say anything for a long moment.

“You cannot find it,” Nyx said, softly, “without me.”

“Why?” Nelson asked.

“It belongs to me,” Nyx said, rage apparent in her voice. “It responds to me. You will need me to find it.”

“And me,” Aphrodite said.

“And me,” Hecate said.

“And me,” Abi said.

When Heather didn’t say anything, Nelson looked at him.

“I will go to protect you,” Heather said. “But only if you ask.”

“Please,” Nelson said.

“Then you agree?” Abi asked. “We will find the Templar hoard?”

“I know that it’s impertinent, but can I ask what did the ‘moronic human’ do?” Nelson asked.

No one said anything for a long moment. Nyx nodded.

“I will tell you something that you can never repeat,” Nyx said.

“That means that your life will be forfeited if you repeat what she says,” Abi said. “I will not allow you to agree. Nyx?”

“Mother,” Nyx said, giving an acquiescing nod. “Might I have your agreement that what I tell you is secret?”

“What if I need to tell another?” Nelson asked. “Like Blane or my father?”

The shadow that was Nyx fell silent.

“Yes, I understand now what the mother is saying,” Nyx said. “You may tell those you love or those you need. I will grant you this.”

“I need?” Nelson asked.

“I will allow you to bring one human,” Nyx said. “A warrior.”

“We will need a warrior,” Abi said with a nod.

“A human,” Hecate said. “To support Nelson and defend him.”

“Won’t you defend me?” Nelson’s voice rose with anxiety.

“There are things that we cannot defend a human from,” Heather said.

“We will do everything in our power, but there are areas we cannot help,” Abi said.

Nyx hissed a word that Nelson thought might be “Catholic.”

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