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Chapter Six Hundred-one: Beginning of a team (part four)


(part four)

Nelson looked at Ava, and she nodded.

“We are nosey as fuck,” Ava said. “You know this about us.”

Nelson looked out the window of Ava’s office for a long moment before nodding.

“Okay,” Nelson said. “My father’s family were weapons’ masters. Blacksmiths, mostly. My father makes modern weapons. He trained me as a blacksmith. And…”

Nelson sighed.

“My mother was born to the historical ruling group of the Templars,” Nelson said. “I… I… I didn’t know my mother or really any of this until the last year or so. My father kept me away from all of it. And…”

Nelson looked around the table before looking down at his salad.

“Here it is,” Nelson said, nodding to himself. “There is a legend that the Templars have a stash of gold, statues, fine art… riches.” He made circles with his hands. “Stuff. Stolen stuff — mostly from Muslim travelers, some gifts from wealthy patrons, some pilfering of from the Holy Roman See, that’s not to mention pillaging religious sites. I found out last night that some was stolen from actual mythological characters. Who knew?”

Nelson shook his head. He felt instantly tired and over burdened. Looking at his friends, he knew they expected him to continue. So he did.

“The loot was supposed to be set aside by Bernard of Clairvau. Himself. Bernard was said to have had his own private hoard of treasure which he hid for some future male heir. He was also said to be Bernard the pure, but he had a child. A girl. She and her carefully selected husband became the heads of the Templars.

“So here’s the thing — only a male heir of Bernard can get to the hoard. No one knows why this is. It is what it is. The Templars did not disappear and were not hung or destroyed. They continue to live their lives and run their stupid order in rural southern France. My father’s father was the weapons master as was his father and so on. My mother’s father and his father’s father, etc., ran the Templar organization. My parents were not to wed or even date. My father is not in a high enough position in the order to even know my mother. But they did and the result of that union was me.

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