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Chapter Six Hundred-one: Beginning of a team (part five)


(part five)

“I am the first and only male heir of Bernard of Clairvaux,” Nelson said. “The Templars attempted to kill me, my father, and my mother for my parents betrayal of the order.”

“How did they betray the order?” Dr. Quincy asked.

“By marrying and having me,” Nelson said. “They say, or at least my lunatic aunt said, that no one knew that they’d had a child. They never would have endangered a child, particularly a male child, one who can restore the Templars to great wealth. That’s what they say, at least.”

“My father snuck me out of France and to Denver, where I grew up,” Nelson said. “I learned to make swords and lift weights and… My father made me the person I am today.”

Nelson nodded. Fran reached over to put her hand over Nelson’s in support.

“My father always said that we should leave the treasure alone,” Nelson said. “He said that a quest for this hoard of gold would likely end in my death. He said that money and treasure acquired through pain and death could only bring pain and death. So I don’t know anything, nothing, about this stupid fucking treasure.”

Nelson sighed and looked down.

“Why am I telling you all of this?” Nelson asked. “I find myself in a position of needing to find this hoard. It has something to do with the stuff at your house, Ava. There’s something there that’s dangerous to the entire world and everything on it. The only thing that can mitigate that danger is in the Templar hoard or believed to be in the hoard. It’s something called ‘Adam’s Apple.’ I know it to be a large ruby.”

“How can we help?” Ava asked.

“Anything,” Fran said.

“Think of us as your support system,” Leslie said. “Our help can ensure that you get in and out alive.”

“She’s right,” Bob said.

“You know that Leslie is right,” Dr. Quincy said. “We are of above intelligence. We figure out obscure puzzles every single day. I can’t speak for the others but I’ll help you.”

“I will too,” Ava said.

“For a percentage of the hoard?” Nelson asked.

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