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Chapter Six Hundred-nine: Castle of Soure (part three)


(part three)

“I am Minerva here,” the Goddess said with a roll of her eyes. “Abi asked me to come to tell you that this happens to be a Roman temple. Only the Goddesses who were acknowledged by Rome will be able to join you.”

“Bestat?” Nelson asked, surprising himself.

“She can only assist at Roman sites that she went to when Rome stood,” Minerva said. She shook her head. “Do not ask me. I don’t understand dragon magic. I just know what Abi told me.”

Two large hunting dogs appeared out of thin air. They rushed toward Nelson and Alex.

“Puppies!” Nelson said, with real glee.

He bent down to the pet the dogs. He received a lick on his face in return. Alex caught the second dog. They pet the dogs for a moment. Minerva cleared her throat.

“That’s Canus Major,” Minerva pointed to the dog Nelson was petting. “And Canus Minor. They belong to…”

A barely recognizable Artemis appeared.

“They are mine,” Artemis said.

“Meet Diana,” Minerva said.

Artemis’s shoulder length curly hair was now a fierce, matronly bun. As Artemis, her face was that of a young girl. She laughed easily and was up for a game or an adventure. But Diana was decidedly fierce and stern. Diana shifted her long bow onto her back.

A chubby, flying cherub appeared out of nowhere. Its hair was yellow blonde and skin creamy white. It was wearing a kind of toga that covered all of its delicate parts.

“Hedone?” Nelson asked in surprise.

The cherub grunted. She flew around in circles for a moment. Minerva offered her an arm and Hedone landed.

“This is the only way I was able to come,” Hedone said.

The Goddesses looked around.

“Well, knight,” Diana said, irritably. “Why are we here?”

“We think we might be in the wrong location,” Alex said.

“In the world?” Diana asked.

“No,” Mari appeared next to Nelson.

“Where have you been?” Nelson asked.

“The magic around this place is…” Mari looked up to see Hedone and she started laughing. “What happened to you?”

“Romans,” Diana said with real disgust.

Mari pointed at Diana and laughed. The dogs trotted over to Mari. The fairy held out her hand, and it filled with strips of meat. She dropped down to pet the dogs to feed them. She was smiling from ear to ear when she looked up a stern Diana.

“What?” Mari asked.

“They are hunting dogs,” Diana said. “For the hunt.”

“We’re hunting out items for this quest,” Mari said. “Maybe we should ask them where we need to go.”

“Knight?” Diana asked.

“It’s as good as any idea,” Nelson said.

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