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Chapter Six Hundred-nine: Castle of Soure (part six)


(part six)

She gestured to Nelson. His face was bright red, and he was panting. He moved away to throw up. He was clearly ill.

“Minerva?” Dina asked.

Minerva grabbed Nelson’s arms. The color drained from Nelson’s face. The sweat on his forehead dried. He looked like himself again.

“The heir is tested in this quest,” Minerva said.

“Only the strongest can remain,” Diana said.

“They assumed that there would be a lot of heirs,” Nelson said. “Not just me.”

“They assumed that you wouldn’t be ill,” Diana said. “Have you asked Abi to take this thing away from you?”

“I can do that?” Nelson asked. “She can do that?”

Diana and Minerva rolled their eyes at Nelson.

“How would I know?” Nelson asked.

“Get your item and let’s get out of here,” Minerva said. “That is only a piece of a garment. I assume we’ll need to go to the rest of the sites.”

“Just those in Spain and Portugal,” Nelson said. “There’s a list.”

“May I?” Minerva asked.

“Of course,” Mari passed the a piece of paper to Minerva.

“You have the originals?” Minerva asked.

“Of course,” Mari said. “I am a child of the Manannàn and Queen Fand.”

“Ah, thing are making more sense,” Minerva said with a nod.

“Let’s just get it over with,” Diana said, irritably.

Nelson grabbed the piece of chain mail from the whole. As he stood up, he was whisked off to the next castle on the list. They bounced from site to site throughout Portugal. They went to Castle of Almourol, Castle of Idanha, Castle of Monsanto, Castle of Pomba, and finally to the Castle in old Tomar, the Convent of the Order of Christ and the Church of Santa Maria do Olival.

The dogs got better and better at finding the pieces of chain mail. Every new piece magically melded into the garment. They now had the entire back of the chain mail.

“We need food and water,” Alex said in the old town of Tomar. “We need to rest.”

“Fine,” Minerva said. “We take an hour rest. Let the humans eat and we will head to Spain.”

“We need more than an hour,” Alex said. “Nelson is exhausted.”

“You don’t have an hour,” Minerva said. “We must get to Spain.”

“I’m okay,” Nelson said with a nod. “An hour is enough.”

“Good man,” Minerva said. “Don’t eat too much or you’ll…”

“Yes,” Alex said, looking toward the closed restaurants.

When she looked back, there was a feast in front of them.

“Eat,” Minerva said. “Drink. Rest. When the hour is done, we are off to Spain.”

Nelson grabbed a hand held meat pie and lay down on the ground. He was asleep in a moment. Alex woke him before they were to leave. He ate and drank a liter of water. Nodding to Alex, they whisked off to find the rest of the chain mail at the Templar sites in Spain.

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