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Chapter Six Hundred-nine: Castle of Soure (part four)


(part four)

“It’s as good as any idea,” Nelson said.

Diana said something in some language to her dogs. They took off down the sidewalk. Nelson and Alex jogged after them. They went around the end of the square tower and behind the castle. They passed a set of trees honoring the Templars. Ahead, the dogs stopped at a decommissioned canon in a small park. The ground was covered with pea gravel. There were a few Roman columns lying artfully around.

Alex looked at Nelson, and she nodded. This was the area that Raz had spoken to them about.

Minerva and Diana appeared a moment later. Flying with her tiny wings, and out of breath Hedone arrived just after Mari. While the Goddesses looked around, Nelson, Alex, and Hedone worked to catch their breath.

When Nelson looked up again, he saw the elderly Templar standing on top of the wall. He pointed to the top of the wall.

“He’s there,” Nelson said.

The Goddesses, Mari, and Alex followed his finger. Hedone flew up to the edge of the wall to get a better look.

The elderly Templar pointed at Nelson.

“What’s next?” Nelson asked.

“Hunt for that which is hidden,” the elderly Templar said.

“What did he say?” Minerva demanded.

“He said to hunt for that which is hidden,” Nelson repeated what the man had said. Turning to the spirit, he asked, “What does that mean?”

The elderly Templar pointed at the dogs. Nelson spun around to look at the dogs. When he looked back, the Templar was gone and Hedone was flying to the ground.

“He suggested using the dogs,” Nelson said. “To find this hidden thing.”

The Goddesses, Mari, and Alex nodded.

“What do we know about this location?” Minerva asked.

“It was the castle was the first strong hold of the Templars in Portugal,” Alex said. “The land was given to the Templars in 1128 by Dona Theresa. They built the Castle out of old Roman buildings. The city of Soure had been over run a few times by the Moors. The Templars promised to fight the Moors for the city of Soure. The castle was razed — or at least destroy to this condition — in 1144 by the Moors. Is that what you meant?”

“Where are we standing?” Minerva asked.

“On the ruin of a Roman temple,” Nelson said.

“Hence the need to be our Roman selves,” Minerva said, irritably.

“Probably,” Nelson said. “They found a Roman sarcophagus here.”

“Is it still here?” Minerva asked.

“No,” Alex said at the same time that Nelson said, “I don’t think so.”

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