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Chapter Six Hundred-nine: Castle of Soure (part five)


(part five)

“That is not what is hidden, then,” Diana said, irritably.

She pointed to Canis Major and Canis Minor. The dogs looked up at her with love and loyalty.

“Find what is hidden,” Diana commanded the dogs.

They continued to look at her. Diana shook her head.

“They have no idea what I’m asking,” Diana said.

Hedone flew to Nelson. The cherub landed on Nelson’s shoulder.

“Try the dirt,” Hedone said. “Give them a scent of what we’re looking for.”

Nelson took the jar from inside his tunic. He opened the jar and knelt to the dogs. Both dog sniffed the jar with interest and curiosity.

“Find it,” Diana commanded.

The dogs looked at each other, and then their noses went to the ground. They worked the small area from side to side, in careful unison. The sniffed the entire area of what had been a Roman temple and went back to Diana. She furrowed her brow.

“Find it,” Diana commanded.

The dogs went directly to a corner of the left corner of the square area near the tall castle wall. Canis Minor gave a signal bark while Canis Major began digging. They rushed to the dogs’ side. Diana called the dogs back, and Minerva pushed Nelson forward. Mari set a shovel in his hands.

Nelson looked up at the sky. He remembered a warm day when Blane and Jacob were over at his house. They insisted that he learn to use a shovel. He’d laughed and told them he’d hire someone. He let out a breath and tried to remember what Blane had said.

Start slow. You don’t know how dense any ground might be. It could seem like a little bit and be heavy as hell.

“Use your knees,” Jacob had yelled at Nelson. “Flat back.”

In the end, he’d dug a perfect hole for the apple tree Hedone had gifted their family. They’d celebrated with beer and bratwurst.

Nelson grinned at the memory and started shoveling. He dug a foot down, and then another foot. He was about to ask if he should continue when he stuck his shovel into the ground. There was a bright flash.

“Magic,” Mari appeared next to Nelson. “You okay?”

“Fine,” Nelson said. “Look.”

He pointed into the hole. Alex, who had been standing with her back to him, turned to look in the hole.

“Chain mail?” Alex dropped to her knees.

She reached out for the mental rings, but Diana yanked her back. She fell on her butt and looked up at the Goddess.

“It would have killed you,” Diana said.

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