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Chapter Six Hundred-four: Et in nomine tuo (part two)


(part two)

“Are you okay?” Nelson asked.

“Just a little weary,” Pierre said. “I can’t seem to catch up on sleep. Maresol has had me into see Dr. Bumpy and the hospital. Everything tests out okay but I feel…”

Pierre sighed.

“Like there is a heavy weight on my soul,” Pierre said under his breath.

He shook his head and looked at Nelson.

“Are you taller?” Pierre asked. “Wearing lifts?”

Shrugging, Nelson showed Pierre his running shoes.

“You look…” Pierre started and stopped talking.

“I look?” Nelson asked.

“I was going to say that you look like my father,” Pierre said. “But really you have my father’s body…”

“And Bernard’s head,” Nelson said. “Lucky he’s dead so he can’t miss it.”

Pierre grinned at Nelson’s joke. Nelson brought the plates around the counter to the table. Pierre pulled out his seat and sat down. Nelson sat down across from him. Pierre poured the wine he’d brought.

“How is this ‘our wine’?” Nelson asked.

He held up the glass and looked at the wine. Pierre grinned at his son.

“The order owns many acres of grapes,” Pierre said. “This is Templar wine. I thought it might…”

Pierre sighed.

“I apologize,” Pierre said. “I get exhausted easily.”

“Let’s eat,” Nelson said.

Pierre gave him a quick nod. They ate in silence.

“I have something I need to speak with you about,” Nelson said.

Still chewing, Pierre looked up at Nelson.

“I assumed,” Pierre said, set his utensils down and picked up his wine. “What is it?”

Nelson swallowed hard. He instantly felt like he was three years old.

“I am pretty sure we aren’t talking about you getting some poor girl pregnant,” Pierre grinned. “The usual father worry.”

Nelson laughed.

“No, not that,” Nelson said.

Pierre began to cough. One cough became deep chest coughs. Nelson went around the table to his father. Pierre bent over with coughs.

“He is dying,” Bestat said.

Nelson looked up at her and nodded. With his look, Pierre looked up. He gasped and was on his feet.

“Dragonne!” Pierre said.

In one swift move, Pierre pushed Nelson behind him. Bestat snapped her fingers. Pierre stopped moving.

“Well, that’s not going to work,” Nelson said.

“Neither will these antics,” Bestat said.

“Undo this,” Nelson demanded.

With a shrug, Bestat snapped her fingers again. Pierre dropped to the ground. Appearing suddenly, Hedone dropped down to Pierre. Her golden light revived him. They were able to get Pierre back into his chair.

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